Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Nicole's White Wedding!!! + 1st Giveaway

Hello beautiful people, welcome to Eeda'sAtelier's blog, I'm happy that you're reading this post and please enjoy (tbh..I didn't know how to do the intro today...lol). 

Nicole, my gorgeous Nigerian/British bride (with "oyinbo" accent...hehe!!) from weeks back. She was very specific with what she wanted and I must say she knows her makeup very very well...with clients like her, you dare not mess up the look...lol...I'm glad she loved the outcome and I hope I delivered just as you wanted..see pictures after the cut. 

When the whole setup started becoming messy after I had done like 2 bridesmaids and her mum..lol...
I will leave you guys with an assignment: In the comments section below, name any makeup item you can identify. The person that identifies the highest number of makeup items would get a free makeup item from Eeda'sAtelier :D...

Brows in progress...lovely arched brows...I remember her saying she loves her brows properly defined...I gave proper definition to those brows...lol..I can still see some of the "MOM" not yet completely blended in 

Assignment 2: What is the full meaning of MOM...(tip: check my previous posts..hehehe!!)

Work in progress...using my elf powder brush in stippling motion to blend out the foundation already applied to her skin...Makeup is about alternatives...one brush doesn't serve one purpose...learn to improvise :) 

Isn't she lovely....those brows are to die for and her nose contour...gorge!!!...although this is a "rush rush" picture (I even forgot my cape around her neck )...it's still one of my bests...

                     Those eyes <3

Awwwhhhh.....shine bright like a diamond...she looks gorge and glowing

               In her dress....iLove <3

Her bridesmaids be like, "awwwhhh I want one too"...... (look at those gorgeous eyes and contour)

Mama looking so gorgeous...meet her mum..makeup by me :)
           Meet the hubby :D
🎵 Watch me while I'm rocking my back you...here I go (o here I go)..it's time to (show me some love) 🎵....I love a dancing couple :D

Thank you soo much Nicole for making me part of your beautiful day and did I mention that she's the elder sister to Esther, an ex-CU student like me and also one of her bridesmaids,Tolani, was my school daughter in secondary school..lol....(so there was a mini-reunion...it's a small world indeed). Thank you Esther for introducing me to your sis and it was nice seeing you again :) 

Thanks to everyone that stopped by my blog today..God bless you for your encouragement and support...Have a wonderful day :* :*

PS: Don't forget to answer those questions to qualify for the giveaway :)

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Gozie's White wedding!!!!!

Hi everyone...hope you're having a wonderful weekend, my sleep was shortened because the environmental sanitation was cancelled :(...but these pictures received this morning are giving me life atm :D

First, I need to mention that I worked with the best photog (AdewunmiadisaStudios, IG account: @adewunmiadisastudios) and the best bridal hair stylist (Tola, CEO of charis hair, IG account: @charishair) in England. These duo made my work come out amazing. Thank you very much :* :*

Let me just go straight to the pictures...because they will speak louder than anything I have to say ;)

 Her colour theme was peach and blue, so I decided to go peachy on the eyes and nude on the lips....work in progress.

"Awesome Dad Alert"....she has one of the most amazing fathers ever...he was sooo positive and encouraging throughout...God bless our Fathers

1. After applying milk of magnesia (mom: amazing for oily skin...her makeup did not shift)
2. Eyeshadow application with my urban decay eyeshadow brush 
3. Applying eyeliner with my wet 'n' wild eyeliner
4. Using my beautyblender sponge to blend out the highlight
(If you want full details on the makeup application please comment below...thanks :D)

The makeup is soo subtle and nice...look at Tola of Charis hair behind :)

Awwwhhhhh....speechless...the makeup suits her perfect for her white wedding. (Take note of her nose highlight *lovestruck*)...this is picture perfect :)

              Her bronzed cheeks :)

Just look at that dress...it screams gorgeousness.....iLove


    Love sooo deep...Gozie in her 2nd outfit and the makeup still gorge..FYI: I did not touch up :) (good products = good results)

Look at that massive gele I had to tie for her mum x_x

Gozie's mum makeup and gele by me <3

                        Her train

Peach and blue are a perfect combo <3 

Look who caught the bouquet...does this mean I'm next?? :D 

My Nigga for days digging it on the dance floor *first of all....go down low*

He loved the finger and he put a ring on it :D

It was an amazing day indeed and God will bless your marraige, your home and your future...your lives would be even more colourful than this day by God's grace...

Thank you once again for making me part of your day and thank you for the team you chose to work with me...Charis Hair and AdewunmiadisaStudios..thank you for making my work on point...would love to work with you guys soon.

Thanks everyone for stopping by on my blog, have a wonderful weekend.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Fashion Shoot with Photog AriLabadi!!!

Hello everyone, so it's Tuesday (but them Tuesdays that act like Mondays 😢😢)...and the rain wants to attempt to start making me feel lazy to go to work...sigh!! Lemme just tell you about this shoot before I lament all day 😩😩.

So I received a phone call from Bimpe (one of the models who was formerly anonymous to me), and she said she got my contact from my IG account and wanted me to come and do the makeup for a shoot she was having. 

I got there and I asked what they wanted me to do and they said I should be creative (all them blank cheques that you just want to reject....lol). Anyways we ended up achieving amazing looks with the help of the models (and their perfectly structured faces).

Did I mention that Ari, the Photog and Bimpe, one of the models are ex-CU students (I dint know them in CU tho....lol...but Ari said he knew me...#asapopularjingo 😂).
See the amazing pictures taken by AriLabadi after the cut.

 Me in action with my leopard print leggings #fashionistamakeupartist 😅😅 (taken with phone camera)

We were still admiring the pictures from his laptop here just before he worked on them ☺️☺️ (Taken with phone camera)

Just look at that natural hair...she wanted to wear a wig over that gorgeousness...I had to persuade her. I invented the eye details, did a double wig liner and capped it all with blue lips 💙💙😍

Choi!!!...see that skin, see that double-winged liner, see that bird eye and that contour 😍😍😍...,then the natural hair...isn't she just a perfect model...and Ari did justice to this picture. This is absolutely my fav!!!

               ðŸ’™ðŸ’™ðŸ’™ Details 💙💙💙

Usually, butterflies fly in bellies but her butterflies are flying over her face...creative design by Eeda's Atelier aka Me 😂😂

Bimpe and her gorgeous laughter...she added flavour to this photograph 😍

Then the second look...I wrapped that gorge hair in a turban...butterflies became studs and finished it up with orange popping lips 💋

    Goofy Gorgeous Girl aka "Triple G" (lol)

Photogs that make the work of a makeup artist amazing...God bless you Ari for these pictures 😩😩😩😍😍😍....just look at Tosin's gorgeous eyes..(yes! bright pink can pop on dark skin...Eeda's theory)...finished off with bronzed skin and lips...😍😍😍💋

PS: the models are sisters 

Thank you for making me be part of your team and be expecting more of me and Ari (his IG account is @mrarilabadi) collabing cos we are officially professional besties 😂😂😂😂

Thanks everyone for stopping by 'ze' blog....have an amazing week full of blessings and open doors.

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Gozie's Traditional Wedding

 So y'all know that I went for a short trip to Manchester on my friend/client's request. I really had soo much fun and I wish I could stay longer than 5 days (unfortunately I had to come back for passing out of nysc camp 😩😩😩)...I went for her wedding and had the opportunity to do her traditional and white wedding makeup. She had 3 looks for her trad 😅😅 but I think she pulled off the 3 looks gracefully and did I mention that she's ibo but got married to Yoruba  ðŸ’ƒðŸ’ƒ...so we have a mixture of cultures. 
All pictures taken by the amazing AdewunmiAdisaStudios....he really captured moments and I would not mind using him for my own wedding 😊😊

Making up the bride...Brows on point...her brows are nicely angled (see my cute hands 😂😂😂) 

Makeup artist on point with my nice didi and no makeup on 😂😂...rocking my lovely denim shirt #fashionistamakeupartist 😜😜

The first bride I used "shadow shields" on 

               'Before' mirror picture ☺️


                'After' Gorge bride 😍😍

"Rush rush" lipstick application but came out Beautiful 😍

    One of my best shots 😍😍😍 (see that contour)

 "Second Attire" 👌👌💚💚 (that ombréd lip...#dope)

  Just look at that beautiful Gele by EedasAtelier...🎶 isn't she lovely 🎶

I also tied the "tulip style" double wrapper for her....(additional specialisations 😂😂)

       Meet the hubby....Awwhhhhhh 

Gozie in her 3rd outfit...when she became a Yoruba bride...everyone was calling her oo...she was still checking out herself in the mirror...lol...see that gorgeous gele by EedasAtelier aka Me 😂😂 

First of all "Go down low" 💃💃💃💃

Kizz of life!!!...."you are my forever" 💙

Prepping Gozie's mama..."she got it from her mama"

I will call this gele..."the pineapple" 💚💚

I also did her mother-in-law's gele...cutie

I did the makeup of one of her maids.."smooth-skinned Keji" 

I had sooo much fun with you Gozie....thank you for making me part of your big day 😘😘...and I'm definitely coming to England again for your baby's naming ceremony by God's grace 💃💃💃💃

Ok...das all....thanks for supporting me by reading today's post....love you guys plenty 😘😘