Saturday, 26 April 2014

Gozie's White wedding!!!!!

Hi everyone...hope you're having a wonderful weekend, my sleep was shortened because the environmental sanitation was cancelled :(...but these pictures received this morning are giving me life atm :D

First, I need to mention that I worked with the best photog (AdewunmiadisaStudios, IG account: @adewunmiadisastudios) and the best bridal hair stylist (Tola, CEO of charis hair, IG account: @charishair) in England. These duo made my work come out amazing. Thank you very much :* :*

Let me just go straight to the pictures...because they will speak louder than anything I have to say ;)

 Her colour theme was peach and blue, so I decided to go peachy on the eyes and nude on the in progress.

"Awesome Dad Alert"....she has one of the most amazing fathers ever...he was sooo positive and encouraging throughout...God bless our Fathers

1. After applying milk of magnesia (mom: amazing for oily skin...her makeup did not shift)
2. Eyeshadow application with my urban decay eyeshadow brush 
3. Applying eyeliner with my wet 'n' wild eyeliner
4. Using my beautyblender sponge to blend out the highlight
(If you want full details on the makeup application please comment below...thanks :D)

The makeup is soo subtle and nice...look at Tola of Charis hair behind :)

Awwwhhhhh....speechless...the makeup suits her perfect for her white wedding. (Take note of her nose highlight *lovestruck*)...this is picture perfect :)

              Her bronzed cheeks :)

Just look at that screams gorgeousness.....iLove


    Love sooo deep...Gozie in her 2nd outfit and the makeup still gorge..FYI: I did not touch up :) (good products = good results)

Look at that massive gele I had to tie for her mum x_x

Gozie's mum makeup and gele by me <3

                        Her train

Peach and blue are a perfect combo <3 

Look who caught the bouquet...does this mean I'm next?? :D 

My Nigga for days digging it on the dance floor *first of all....go down low*

He loved the finger and he put a ring on it :D

It was an amazing day indeed and God will bless your marraige, your home and your future...your lives would be even more colourful than this day by God's grace...

Thank you once again for making me part of your day and thank you for the team you chose to work with me...Charis Hair and AdewunmiadisaStudios..thank you for making my work on point...would love to work with you guys soon.

Thanks everyone for stopping by on my blog, have a wonderful weekend.

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