Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Nicole's White Wedding!!! + 1st Giveaway

Hello beautiful people, welcome to Eeda'sAtelier's blog, I'm happy that you're reading this post and please enjoy (tbh..I didn't know how to do the intro today...lol). 

Nicole, my gorgeous Nigerian/British bride (with "oyinbo" accent...hehe!!) from weeks back. She was very specific with what she wanted and I must say she knows her makeup very very well...with clients like her, you dare not mess up the look...lol...I'm glad she loved the outcome and I hope I delivered just as you wanted..see pictures after the cut. 

When the whole setup started becoming messy after I had done like 2 bridesmaids and her mum..lol...
I will leave you guys with an assignment: In the comments section below, name any makeup item you can identify. The person that identifies the highest number of makeup items would get a free makeup item from Eeda'sAtelier :D...

Brows in progress...lovely arched brows...I remember her saying she loves her brows properly defined...I gave proper definition to those brows...lol..I can still see some of the "MOM" not yet completely blended in 

Assignment 2: What is the full meaning of MOM...(tip: check my previous posts..hehehe!!)

Work in progress...using my elf powder brush in stippling motion to blend out the foundation already applied to her skin...Makeup is about alternatives...one brush doesn't serve one purpose...learn to improvise :) 

Isn't she lovely....those brows are to die for and her nose contour...gorge!!!...although this is a "rush rush" picture (I even forgot my cape around her neck )...it's still one of my bests...

                     Those eyes <3

Awwwhhhh.....shine bright like a diamond...she looks gorge and glowing

               In her dress....iLove <3

Her bridesmaids be like, "awwwhhh I want one too"...... (look at those gorgeous eyes and contour)

Mama looking so gorgeous...meet her mum..makeup by me :)
           Meet the hubby :D
🎵 Watch me while I'm rocking my back you...here I go (o here I go)..it's time to (show me some love) 🎵....I love a dancing couple :D

Thank you soo much Nicole for making me part of your beautiful day and did I mention that she's the elder sister to Esther, an ex-CU student like me and also one of her bridesmaids,Tolani, was my school daughter in secondary school..lol....(so there was a mini-reunion...it's a small world indeed). Thank you Esther for introducing me to your sis and it was nice seeing you again :) 

Thanks to everyone that stopped by my blog today..God bless you for your encouragement and support...Have a wonderful day :* :*

PS: Don't forget to answer those questions to qualify for the giveaway :)

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