Friday, 27 June 2014

The Doll Face - Pinky!!!

Hi everyone, I think this particular look attracted a lot of attention, so therefore, I am creating this post to let you know the details of this look.
This is the final look, one of the sooo many selfies I took, I was feeling like miss world...lmao

After I did my brows...I really love the arch and shape....suits my face shape perfectly <3
This is an indoor picture, I really loved the colours I used. They are soo vivid. Thumbs up once again to House of Tara.
(Details on products used at the end of post)
Outdoor lighting for these pictures (I'm still trying to figure out the best lighting to take pictures with my phone and camera for now before I get a good please bear with me x_x)
I honestly love how this shade of pink came out on my skintone. It's all sorts of gorgeous <3<3...took this picture with my phone camera and it still looks this amazing 0.0
Matching my pink laptop...I'm such a x_x
            Isn't she lovely <3<3<3
Gorgeous cheek contour, can't believe I've not mentioned anything about my hair yet, I love love love my hair and hair colour, it's super gorge. Don't you just love it too.
  Nose contour and bronzing at it's peak

How I achieved the look:

- First, I brushed my brows into shape using a spoolie or brow brush
- Using my jordana easy liner retractable pencil in coffee bean, I traced out the outer shape of my natural brows, with light strokes
- I filled the inner part with my jordana easy liner retractable pencil in brown suede. (After this step, i advise that you use a brow gel to groom your brows properly, it really helps but it's not compulsory...I didn't do that).
- Then I used my spoolie (brow brush) to fade out the begining of my brows into the center
- Using my elf concealer brush and my MAC select cover up concealer in NW45, I cleaned up the upper and lower part of my brows, blending the concealer into my skin (please note that this concealer is just slightly lighter than my skin, so blending is easier)

- I applied my NYX jumbo pencil in milk as base and primer to my lid, blending it out into my crease
- I used the bright pink colour in my House of Tara (HOT) "Margaret Ekpo" Palette all over my lid
- then I used the deep pink colour and the deep purple colour from the same palette in the outer corner of my eyes
- used a light brown shade from my coastal scents 42 stack palette in my crease 
- used a mixture beige shade from the same palette and MAC eyeshadow in ricepaper under my brows with focus on my brow bone.
- I used the bright yellow shadow from my H.O.T Margaret Ekpo palette in my tear duct
- then I used the deep blue colour in the same palette on my lower lid
- applied the Maybelline Colossal Kajal in my water line 
- applied my revlon custom eyes water proof mascara to my upper and lower lash.
- then I used the criss-cross false lashes from my bundle master pack applied with my duo lash glue (clear)

You can use this image as guideline for applying the eyeshadow.

- I didn't prime my face for this look, I just used a little moisturiser, I let it stay for about 15 minutes then cleaned it off.(my makeup lasted for atleast 3 hours before I noticed oil on my nose) 
- I used the select cover up concealer in NW 45 to conceal problem areas 
- I used revlon colorstay foundation in caramel for the center part of my face and I used revlon colorstay foundation in cappuccino for the outer parts of my face. (Revlon colorstay for oily/combination skin is still the best foundation I have used for oily skin issues. When applied, it dries into a nice matte texture which, if set properly (with good powder), would last you for long without touch up. I just found out that it is water-based which makes a lot of sense because it is not oily at all, I would recommend this product any day and any time to my clients) 
- I used the graftobian hd cream foundation palette in colour "ginger" as my highlight colour 
- I used the Ben nye banana powder as setting powder for the highlight 
- I use the Ben nye mojave palette in colour "Tanzania" for my contour
- I used the middle pink colour in the sleek blush by 3 palette "pink sprint" as my blush
- MAC mineralise skin finish "gold deposit" for extra glow on my cheek (slightly above the blush) and also on the bridge of my nose.

- I used a brown lip pencil (can't see the name anymore) to first outline the shape of my lips
- then I used the House of Tara (H.O.T) lip liner in "Adere"
- I then used the H.O.T lipstick in Kantangora....and I fell in

That's all folks!!! :D. Thank you for visiting my blog today and see you on my next post. 
Remember to always be happy and stay beautiful. Have a blessed and fulfilled day.

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Mini Makeup Haul with swatches and reviews

Hello everyone!!! Hope you're all having a beautiful week. It's been wonderful for me thus far and I'm thankful :D. 
So I went to get my hair done at Patrick's beauty salon located at Allen avenue Ikeja, a first timer in this particular hair salon, I must mention that they are really professional and fantastic at what they do. As funny as this may sound, they are not soo pricey....and you have celebs getting their hairs laid with them...ok let me stop advertising them here because they are not paying 
I decided to branch at House of Tara before heading home, little did I know that I was about to fulfill the "cashless Lagos policy" by finishing all the money left with me.....lmao. It was my first time getting their lipsticks, lip liners and eyeshadow palette. I must say I am extremely impressed with this brand. Infact all our Nigrian indigenous makeup brands are beyond amazing (Including BMPro and Zaron....I will probably get to review their products soon too). 
Let me cut to the chase and show you what I got.

That's the goody bag (in Don Jazzy's voice)

Everything I got, oops! I forgot to add the very lovely prestige cosmetics sharpener I got from taries makeup world. Anyway, in this picture, I have the maybelline colossal Kajal, house of Tara "Margaret Ekpo" palette, house of Tara lip liner "Adere", house of Tara lip liner "Takuere", House of Tara lip liner "Ashanti", House of Tara lipstick "Arese" and House of Tara lipstick "Kontangora".

Kontangora (left) and Arese (right) lipsticks. 
Swatches of of the two lipsticks. Without flash (left) and with flash (right). I asked one of house of Tara staff that I wanted something similar to MAC's candy yum yum, she showed me a lot of possible alternatives but Kontagora seemed to be the closest to my description. As for the Arese, I saw it on a friend and I loved the look, quite similar to MAC's heroine but I think I will prefer this one because it's not all matte and dry.

Takuere lip pencil (up), Adere lip pencil (center) and Ashanti (down)
Swatches of the lip pencils. With flash (left) and without flash (right). The pencils feel quite creamy on the skin and they are quite pigmented with Ashanti (deep red one) being the most pigmented...I only stroke my arm once and it created that bold line. 
The beautiful "Margaret Ekpo" eyeshadow palette, I fell in love when I saw this palette on @thatigbochick's blog. It looked soo nice and pigmented. Well, let the swatches speak for themselves :D
Swatches of the colours according to their arrangement in the palette. The shadows are all matte, they feel powdery, easily blendable yet highly pigmented. And I didn't use any base or primer before swatching these shadows. A huge thumbs up to house of Tara for this one. 
House of Tara "Margaret Ekpo" (up) and Urban Decay "Electric Palette" (down)
I can say it's a nice alternative for the urban decay electric palette with 2 additional colours and it's almost 85% less than the retail price of the Urban decay Palette. 
House of Tara "Margaret Ekpo" = N2,700 from their studio at Allen, Lagos
Urban decay Electric Palette = N15,000 at yanga beauty website (
I most however mention that according to reviews, the urban decay palette has a bit of shimmer in it's colours which implies that the texture and appearance maybe different from the Margaret Ekpo palette. So if you would like additional shimmer with these vivid colours, then the electric palette is your guy.
But I will still give House of Tara a "5 star" because of the amazing pigmentation of this matte palette. Really cool.

I don't feel I have to review this next product because it has spoken for itself but for the sake of those that have met this Kajal, here's a quick review.
Hi, my name is Maybelline Colossal Kajal and I am amazing....looool. This product is one of the best Kajals or water-line black liners I have ever met. I'm not a huge fan of maybelline, but this has given me a different orientation about this brand. This is actually my second one (my mum hijacked the first and I intend to get a lot more of my makeup kit. 
With flash (right) and without flash (left). These photos don't do justice to the pigmentation of this Kajal. It's proper black and highly pigmented.
It's creamy, glides on smoothly without dragging your skin, and stays on all day without dropping (it doesn't give you "the black eye" at the end of the day...oh I hate

That's all folks, I would be creating looks with these products and I will be back with results. Thank you for visiting my blog today and have a blessed day :* :*

PS: These reviews are 100% my opinion and I was not paid to review these products. Thanks.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Black and Gold....Large Size Gele!!!

Hiya!!! How's everyone doing? I'm having a wonderful week and in the spirit of excitement....I have decided to share this long due post. I have done this particular look weeks ago but I really never had the time to blog about it. Anyway, here it goes, steps, pictures and products used. :D
My final look....I found this gele in my mum's box of geles and it immediately inspired the makeup look <3

The before picture...chai!!! Diaris God #surulere
Highlight and contour....I just love making funny faces :P
After setting and blending the highlight and contour....Almost finished :D
Awwwhhh....innocent cutie (if I hear...lmao)
Yes I added glitters to the eyes and paired it up with my gorge nude lips <3
The gele of life...complete full length without cutting *cleans sweat*
You can tell from my face that I was struggling with the gele....lmaooo
Awwhhhh.....the finished look with my massive sized gele...I tried tho 
       Feeling like an ibo bride o.o
                   Cute pout!!!
This is my absolute favourite!!!...dunno <3

Products used 

- cream foundation "hazelnut" from the graftobian hd palette
- burgundy/brownish eyeshadow from the bhcosmetics party girl palette
- cream foundation "ginger" from the graftobian palette

- nyx jumbo pencil "milk"
- MAC eyeshadow "rice paper"
- bhcosmetics party girl palette "black"
- bhcosmetics party girl palette "red"
 coastal scents 42 stack palette "light brown"
- medusa makeup glitter "Ak-47"
- jordana liquid eyeliner 
- revlon longlasting waterproof mascara
- false lashes from bundle master pack

- graftobian hd cream foundation palette "pecan" 
- graftobian hd cream foundation palette "ginger"  
- graftobian hd cream foundation palette "hazelnut"
- Ben nye luxury powder "banana
- Ben nye mojave palette "Tanzania" 
- Ben nye mojave palette "Adobe" 
- zaron paired blush in raspberry "the lighter colour"
- MAC mineralise skin finish "dark"

- zaron lip pencil ""
- mac lipstick "myth"
- wetslicks lipgloss ""

Thank you for stopping by the blog today and always make sure you are happy!!! Enjoy your week :* :*

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Mrs Oludare's Wedding

Hi everyone, I've been very busy in the last few weeks and it's almost like I work 24/7 these days...very soon I will disclose what I use my week days for...hehe!! Anyway, the pictures of one of my May brides just came in today (I'm still expecting more though) and I'm creating this blogpost to share them. Please see pictures after the cut.

      That is some gele right there yo!

             Bride's before picture

         During the makeover process

      Awwhhh....just look at that smile

During gele tying...see as I'm frowning...lmao...that cheek contour <3

You can always tell when a bride is happy 

Still on the gele...featuring lovely nude eyes

Tadahhhh!!!!...just look at that lovely nose contour <3 <3

           Full outfit....iLove

    Meet the hubby :) (cute babies alert!!)

      Prepping for her white wedding 

Thumbs up to EedasAtelier aka "me"..(lmao) form of touch up before the white wedding and she still looks amazeballs after all the engagement dancing and co. oooo....thumbs up to me again :D.

Thank you Mrs Dupe for making me a part of your big day and I pray for God's peace, love and happiness in your home in Jesus name...Amen.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by the blog today. Hope to see you next time :* :* :*

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Friday, 6 June 2014

Le Visage de la jour!!!!

Hi everyone!!! (Bonjour tout le monde!!!)....I have really been working on my French and I think I'm getting better. Whoop! Whoop!!...who knows I just might have a client from Paris...hehe!! Anyway, I have been contemplating on whether to blog about this particularly makeup or not but based on request I have decided to do a post on it :). 
Please see the pictures and products used after the cut ;)

      Let's go from 1 to 4....shall we!!! :D

  Just after the brows...blend!blend!blend!

        Highlighting and Contouring

                        VoilĂ !!!!

Lovely purple glitter inspired by one of the amazing MUAs on IG...her IG name is @makeupbyjaytee. The teal colour added was just for a pop of colour <3

   See my cute smirk ;) #selfobssessed

 That cheek contour tho...AhMayZing!!!

"My face when my mum picks up my phone and it's my bbm/message app that is open"  #whocanrelate#africanmumproblems

Products used

- Graftobian hd cream palette (neutral) in colour "Hazelnut" to fill my brows 
- dark brown shadow from my bhcosmetics day and night palette to set the cream foundation on my brows
Graftobian hd cream palette (neutral) in colour "ginger" to clean up and define 
Please note that I haven't gotten my brow pencils, so I'm still improvising :D

- Nyx jumbo pencil in milk as primer 
- very light shade of brown from my coastal scents 42 stack palette in my upper crease
- pink eyeshadow from my bhcosmetics day and night palette in my crease
- glitters from medusa makeup in "Rapture" on my lid and I applied it with medusa's glitter fix.
- black eyeshadow from my bhcosmetics party girl palette in my outer 'V'
- teal colour from my bhcosmetics day and night palette on my lower lid
- gold eyeshadow from the same in my tearduct
- criss-cross lashes from my bundle master false lashes pack
- revlon mascara on my upper and lower lashes 

- graftobian hd cream foundation palette in colour "pecan" as my foundation
graftobian hd cream foundation palette in colour "ginger" as my highlight colour 
- graftobian hd cream foundation palette in colour "hazelnut" as my contour colour
- Ben nye banana powder as setting powder for highlight 
- Ben nye mojave palette in colour "Tanzania" to set my contour
- zaron paired blush in raspberry "the lighter colour" as blush 
- MAC mineralise skin finish in dark as extra highlight

- Eversheen lip liner pencil in colour "511"
- L'oreal Paris lipstick in colour "417 - Peach Fuzz"

And that's all....thank you all for checking on my blog today and hope you have a wonderful week and stay beautiful :* :* :*

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