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Blue and Yellow....Thanksgiving!!!!

Hi Everyone! I know, I know..... *rme* I’m the queen of stalling, sigh :(. The reason for the lapse in blogging is that the screen of my phone broke :’( and I blog via my phone :'( :'(...To be honest, I prefer my car to be bashed than my phone broken, its like everything in one’s life just shuts down *hot tears*.... but you know when you give thanks to God and everything just feels like its going to work out in the end. And alas, my phone got back to me today....thanks to Otunba Odet, so I have decided to celebrate by happiness my writing a post, I’m going to be sharing my thanksgiving Sunday makeup and also some few makeup tips after the cut.

My full outfit…theres just something about blue and yellow <3 <3, btw I retied my gele (head-gear/head-tie)….I didn’t like the first one (the one on top :))

With flash....very visible and beautiful highlight and contour. My beads were made my Tunrayo my lovely friend. Her Bbm pin: 3311FF6B and Mobile: 0806 630 2544

Those brows are giving me life right now (especially the top picture). The lip colour was actually created by me…keep viewing this post to know how I created it and also alternative lipstick colours and brands that can be used to achieve this lip colour. I kept my eyes very simple, limiting all colours used to brown. 

Errmm….I need to mention here and now that I have an obsession with gele…its just never perfect to me…lol…even in church, I find myself rearranging the layers and all…lol…these two pictures can testify… :D….(I wasn’t posing…:')...)  


Awwwwhhh…. look how cute I look…. 0.0…. *selflove*…lol. Anyway, let me now tell you how I achieved the lip colour. If interested, you can follow these very simple steps.
  • -       At the beginning of your makeup application, when applying moisturiser to your face, also moisturise your lips. (You can do this with a lip moisturiser or lip balm).
  • -       Towards the end of makeup application, when you are about to do your lips, you would observe that it is not soo greasy but not dry. Hence, it’s moisturised and we can go ahead with the lip colour application :D
  • -       Use a black lip liner to line your lips and fill in your lips with the same pencil (this actually doesn’t have to be a “lip liner”…just use any black pencil available to you…I used my black kajal  x_x…
  • -       Depending on the kind of finish you want, take a sheer/cream or matte red lipstick and apply all over the already darkened lips. (I used my SmashBox “red” first……tbh I didn’t really like it because it was tooo creamy…I would have preferred to use my MAC “Russian red”. Anyway, I applied MAC’s “ruby woo” on top of the smashbox red for a more matte feel.

There you go!!!! You have a nice looking burgundy lip colour :D….ermmm….thank me later…

Quick tip: You can keep applying the red on the black to get the desired “dark-red” colour you want. You can also use a black lipstick instead of pencil. Just have fun with your products J. You can send me emails, showing me your own creation…I will really appreciate such :* :* :*.

Goofy Princess <3 <3. Lol I was feeling like a bride in the bottom picture…(lmao)…anyway, before I forget, you can also achieve this lip colour with some lipsticks like MAC’s lipstick in Sin, Sleek true colour in Cherry and Wet ‘n’ Wild’s lipstick in Cherry bomb. If you know any other lipstick that can achieve this lip-look, please comment below. Thanks!!!

List of products and tools used

  • -       Dark and medium shades of browns in the bhcosmetics day and night palette (I’ve run out of brow pencils…lol…so I used brown shadows as brow fillers).
  • -       “Spoolie” or brow brush by Elf for brushing the brows in place.
  • -       I shaped my brows with razor (blade) and makeup scissors.
  • -       Used the colour "ginger" in my graftobian HD foundation warm palette as concealer to clean up my brows and give it a nice and clean shape. 

Quick tip on brows: I don’t know about you but when I see girls/ladies that have white looking lines around their brows, it just pisses me off. Anyway, the best way to save yourself the stress of blending out the concealer on the top part of your brows is to use a shade that matches your exact skin tone or just ONE shade lighter. I know the “makeup procedure” is to use a concealer that is 2 or 3 shades lighter than your normal concealer but tbh you need to be really good at blending to be able achieve clean brows without light harsh lines. So, the simple and stress-free way out is to clean up the under part of your brows with concealer that is 2 or 3 shades lighter than your skin tone and clean up the top part with a concealer that is just ONE shade lighter than your skin tone. Again, thank me later for this :D :*

  • -       I used a cream slightly shimmery eyeshadow from my bhcosmetics day and night palette to set the concealer under my brows using a flat shadow brush and also applied it to my tear duct and lower lash line using a precision brush (the two brushes are from one very old fraulein brush set).
  • -       I used my elf complexion brush to dust MAC’s mineralise skin finish in deep dark all over my eyelid.
  • -       Then I used my bdellium tools’ blending brush 776 to apply a medium brown shadow (from the bhcosmetics day and night palette) to my crease.
  • -       Used the same brush to apply a dark brown shadow to my outer “V” and blended all out with the same brush.
  • -       Applied jordana liquid eyeliner (which I need to change btw because its not pigmented at all and very poor quality).
  • -       Used the amazing Revlon Custom eyes water proof Mascara (i got it from Jumia website) for my upper and lower lashes. Then I used my bundle master false lashes – the criss-cross type.

  • -       Neutrogena’s oil free moisturiser
  • -       Milk of Magnesia (MOM) as oil free primer (amazing for people with oily skin). You can actually get it here
  • -       MAC’s Fix+ to rehydrate and prep my face
  • -       Graftobian foundation warm palette in colour "Pecan" as foundation applied with Sigma foundation brush in F60 and blended out with Elf’s powder brush.
  • -       Graftobian hd foundation warm palette in colour "Ginger" as highlight which is just 2 shades lighter than my skin tone. If you are interested in a step-by-step pictorial on how to contour and highlight *in Basic English* (lol)…please comment below.
  • -       Ben nye banana powder to set the highlight (Quick tip: always allow the ben nye banana powder to sit for about 5 minutes before blending it out for better results and higher staying power). You can purchase the ben nye banana powder here
  • -       Ben nye Mojave palette colour *Tanzania* for contouring and colour *Adobe* as powder (which is my colour) to blend all out using my real techniques powder brush.
  • -       Zaron’s duo blush in raspberry…I used the light peachy colour (I must mention that this blush is amaze-balls!!!!) applied with elf's blush brush.
  • -       MAC’s mineralise skin finish in dark to add a little more highlight.


  • -       Maybelline master drama kohl liner as black lip liner
  • -       Smash box red and rubywoo as lipsticks blended together well to form the burgundy colour.
  • -       Using the same graftobian hd foundation warm palette in colour "Ginger" I cleaned up the mess around my lips.
Tadahhhh!!!!!!...Das all!!!!...Please don’t forget to view, share, comment, subscribe and most of all enjoy. Thank you all for stopping by today and see you on my next post :* :* :*

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