Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Funmi's Traditional Engagement and White Wedding!!!

Bon jour tout le mode!!! Comment allez vous Aujourd'hui??? (Hehehe....displaying my French-speaking skills)...Interpretation: Good day everyone!!! How are you today???...:). 

My post is about a very special May bride, this particular bride taught me a lot about my job. She is no other person but the ever smiling Mrs Funmilayo Karaki. 
From the very day I was referred to her by Mosun till the day of her wedding, she was extremenly peaceful with no hassle. We had no premakeup trial or consultation, she just trusted me to make her look amazing on her Big Day and she wasn't disappointed at all. As usual, pictures speak louder than words, so you can view the pictures after the cut. 

Ever-smiling Funmi, just look at that dentition, so sooo gorgeous <3 <3

The very begining, when we started the makeup...."the before picture"

Shadow of the best tools of makeup for pro makeup artists....

During the makeup, just adding some contour colour to balance up the highlight for her traditional wedding (engagement). Eeda'sAtelier on the job!!

              Gele tying process

            Wrapper tying process
Voila!!!!(French word)....Gorgeous looking bride all set to be handed to her hubby. This picture screams gorgeousness <3 <3

I did a couple of mixing on her lips to achieve that lip colour to match the lovely gold and black eyes. Cute!! 0.0

It's almost unreal for one person to be this beautiful....*hot tears*

I love the highlight and sooo gorgeous <3 <3
"Aya wa ni, to God be the glory, Iyawo wa ni" (she's our wife in Yoruba language)

    Meet the hubby...cute babies alert!!!!
Mummy bye bye...daddy bye 9 months time...we will come visiting...with a boy and girl :D
On the job for white wedding, keeping it really simple and soft. With the nicely arched brows and nice contour. Less is always more.
       Just about to apply the lip colour
That dress is nothing short of magnificent 
I wish I could cut of that person's image of our bride in her magnificient dress
   Look number 2...changed the lips to red and added some teal to the eyes
Bride: see this makeup artist taking picture and famzing with

Thank you Mrs Funmi Karaki for making me part of your big day...I really appreciate the opportunity and thanks for teaching me all that I learnt within these two days. God bless your home, your life and your marraige :* :* :*

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