Sunday, 22 June 2014

Mrs Oludare's Wedding

Hi everyone, I've been very busy in the last few weeks and it's almost like I work 24/7 these days...very soon I will disclose what I use my week days for...hehe!! Anyway, the pictures of one of my May brides just came in today (I'm still expecting more though) and I'm creating this blogpost to share them. Please see pictures after the cut.

      That is some gele right there yo!

             Bride's before picture

         During the makeover process

      Awwhhh....just look at that smile

During gele tying...see as I'm frowning...lmao...that cheek contour <3

You can always tell when a bride is happy 

Still on the gele...featuring lovely nude eyes

Tadahhhh!!!!...just look at that lovely nose contour <3 <3

           Full outfit....iLove

    Meet the hubby :) (cute babies alert!!)

      Prepping for her white wedding 

Thumbs up to EedasAtelier aka "me"..(lmao) form of touch up before the white wedding and she still looks amazeballs after all the engagement dancing and co. oooo....thumbs up to me again :D.

Thank you Mrs Dupe for making me a part of your big day and I pray for God's peace, love and happiness in your home in Jesus name...Amen.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by the blog today. Hope to see you next time :* :* :*

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