Thursday, 3 July 2014

Orange Crush!!! + Brow tutorial

 Hello everyone, happy new month, may this month bring you everything you desire in your heart...Amen!!! 
I've been dreaming of this orange look for soo long but I have been battling with laziness and I've even given the look different names..."courage orange"..."orange is the new black"...etc...lmao but I finally settled with Orange crush for reasons unknown to 
Also with this post, I have decided to share a brow "blogorial"...yes I formed the English...lmao...since there's pictorial (use of pictures)...I'm using my blog to explain sooo BLOGORIAL....hehehe!!!
Pictures and blogorial after the cut.

        Orange Crush!!! <3 <3 <3

To get very nicely defined brows, I used my makeup scissors to first trim excesses, then I used a razor blade to create a proper shape that would be easy for me to follow and also suits my natural brow shape.

Then I outlined my brows with a dark brown pencil (this one is jordana pencil in "06 dark brown"). Notice that I extended the line a bit at the beginning.
I filled in the inner parts with a reddish brown pencil (this one is jordana easy liner retractable pencil in "brown suede"). I actually learnt this method from the CEO of BMPro, Mrs Banke Meshida Lawal and I have adopted the method because I realised that it gives a soft/warm brow look as opposed to the usual thick dark brown brow look.
Notice that I did not fill the extended part.
I used my spoolie/spooly/brow-brush to brush and blend out the brows starting from the extended part (the importance of the extended part is that it kind of gives a fading effect to the begining of the brows and makes it look more natural)
You will need a concealer brush (mine is from elf) and any concealer that is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin tone (this one is MAC select cover up in NW 45....I'm not a huge fan of MAC but I'm stuck with this till I get my LA pro concealers :(...)
Using the concealer, I cleaned up and defined the top and under part of my brows giving me this nice shape. Please note that I was blending out the concealer even while defining (blending is key in everything).
If you're still not satisfied with the blending, you can use your fingers to blend it out a little more like I did here
If you don't have a brow gel (like me x_x) can use tweezers to pick out any stray hair around the brows so that you brows would be properly defined.
Voila!!!!! Finished brows...gorge look. Now let's go over to the look of the day.
It sooo nice to see orange look so flattering on dark skin...who says orange does not suit any skin tone...I'm in crush <3 btw I have like three huge scarfs on...head hurts like cray...but the look has to be complete x_x
I used my Margaret Ekpo palette again as shown above and the makeup was applied with the same procedure as seen in my previous post titled "doll face...pinky!!" 
I look soooo nose contour is screaming :D :D...No I wasn't going's my camera I hung on my
       Tongue out :p...Blending is Key!!!!
                    Who's there :|
          Smiles and Dimple (Side view)
Look into my eyes and tell me wat you see...."I see some orange on my lower lid ;) ;)"
To achieve my orange lips, I lined with a brown pencil (close to my skin tone), then I applied milani cosmetics lipstick in "sweet nectar" and applied sleek makeup pout paint in "lava" on top of the lipstick :*
So you don't like me....but I love and my wierd faces...ok lemme leave you with this one. I love you all and have a beautiful week xxxxx