Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Winning! Winnings!! Advancements!!!

Hi Everyone, sigh...I know...I know...I have abandoned this blog for too long. There was and is a lot going on in my life at the moment. It's both exhausting and exciting...the emotions could overwhelm me sometimes, and I still have sooo much I am working on, so please bare with me. Don't worry, I also can't wait to share a lot of good news starting from this one *dancing shoki*.....
So this good news, sigh, where do I even start from...ok....lemme start...I entered a global makeup competition in September, its called Buntricia Global Makeup Competition where over 80 makeup artists from different countries entered and I was one of them.
In the competition, there were two stages. I had to get people to vote for me  via a website and I really appreciate all the people that casted their votes (everyday!), got their friends to vote too and also those that hijacked their mum's, dad's, sisters', brothers', work colleagues' phones just to vote and get me to the second stage...I really appreciate you all...God bless you :*:*
The first stage lasted for one month and it was the longest month of my life (I must really wanted it to end quickly) because I had to keep reminding people to vote everyday...Hardword and Consistency truly pays!!!.

This was my entry for the first stage
Makeup by: Eeda'sAteliermua (aka Me)
Photography: Ari Labadi
Model: Erica  

You already know right!!! I got to the second stage..whoop!! *backflips*...hehehe!! 

So the next stage, we were supposed to be shortlisted to 25 but in Buntricia's generosity, we were shortlisted to 41....Good for them but horrible for me because it means that there are more people to compete with *bites finger* head is too strong them though...hehehe...

This was the inspiration given for the second stage, and as you can see the contest ran for about 2 weeks plus. We had to draw inspiration from this look, photograph it professionally, then the 2 entries with the highest likes win an all expensive paid trip to Buntricia's Hands on Skills International Makeup Conference in London (All expense PAID!!!!)...chai....the greatest makeup awoof!!
Then I started thinking, what can I do to make my image stand out but still be in line with the inspiration *scratches head*

Side view - the image I submitted for the second stage.

                   Front View
Makeup: eedasateliermua 
Photography: AriLabadi 
Model: Lamide

How I came about this makeup.
I really wanted something that would stand out from others and easily recognisable. Since buntricia said we didn't have to replicate the inspiration image, I decided to draw some inspiration.
- I used the "cut crease" concept from the inspiration (only makeup artists and lovers would understand this)
- I used the yellow/orange/red colour block from the inspiration on my model's brow bone.
Then, I finished it off with "crack skin" makeup and body paint in gold, also sprayed on some body glitter.

The Concept of this Makeup Art:
I did the inspiration look on the eyes using the cut crease and colour block. While doing the face, all of a sudden her skin began to crack mysteriously into gold, spreading down her shoulders to her body. Then I realised...She was becoming a "Golden Lady"....looool
A friend of mine said I watch too much vampire and scary movies....lmfaoooo...what do you think?? (Comments below).

Back to the competition.....
My image was uploaded on Instagram, did I mention that only two entries with the highest likes would emerge as winners *cleans sweat* loving friends reposted the image on their pages, tagged their friends, sooo much support from left, right and center...some of my friends even gave me their Instagram password so I can use their pages to like as well. 
Along the line in the competition, people started cheating (they were buying likes)'s one of the most frustrating thing that can happen to anyone in a competition (whatever happened to fair competing) and the organiser of the competition didn't quickly notice the cheats...(she did eventually though and it was settled).
I told a couple of friends about the cheating because I really got tired and they all told me not to give up. I gathered courage and  kept tagging in the day, night and midnight, at some point I started tagging even strangers. The struggle was real yo!!! I became a ghost in my house...lmao and I'm glad they understood. The two weeks felt like two solid years, my fingers started crinkle from typing and tagging (lol)...
And the winners are......(ahh shoki, shoki...ahhh shoki, shoki)

I freaking won!!!! Whoop! Whoop!!! friend, Kosiso(3rd picture) also emerged as a winner. We can't even count how many times we texted each other to give words of encouragement during this competition (women empowering women)....And Buntricia was soo nice again to select three (3) winners. 
We would be in London by God's grace in May, 2015....can't wait to be would be my first certification as a Professional Makeup Artist as I have been freelancing since April, 2013. 

Closing remark....
My makeup journey has been both intriguing and many ups and downs, few "friends" tried to bring me down while others and a lot of strangers kept me going. This amazing journey is just starting, and I don't think it's going to end as long as God lives.....

Thank you all once again....PS: I have chocolates from London for everyone that help me with this competition...*covers face* and I would definitely be hosting a giveaway soon as I reached my first instagram milestone of 1000 followers.....

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