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Winnings! Winnings!! - Part 2: Guerlain Amazing Giveaway!!

Hello everybody, hope ya feeling fine!!!....hehehe...I'm too "egxcited". I never "hexpererit"....all these's only been God!!! Let me get to the details before I bore you with my
I reposted a giveaway organised by Guerlain Nigeria on Instagram and Facebook, while posting I also decided to enter this amazing giveaway. All you had to do was to describe your Ideal Man on the Sociotectonic blog (click here to view blog) and other social platforms, subscribe to the blog and wait to be announced as a winner....shikena!!! Maybe y'all were thinking that Guerlain as a luxury brand cannot do a giveaway or you were thinking...hmmmm...this is too good to be true. 
Well, while you were still thinking, some of us entered the giveaway, I described my Mr. in a very amazing way on the blog and guess what?? The same day I was declared a winner for the Buntricia Global Competition, I was also declared a runner-up for the #IdealMan Guerlain contest...whoop! Whoop!!. 
I went to collect my goodies today...Chai!!! I really wish y'all entered, so you can enjoy the benefits of getting this amazing, luxury French brand's goodies for free and I also got the opportunity to test their full makeup line...*dancing alingo* 
See pictures of my experience, my goodies and detailed description of my favourite makeup products after the cut.

Meet the gorgeous Guerlain representative....Vivenne!!...she was soo nice and warm towards me. When she saw me...the first thing she said was, "you look like you would love our makeup line"...she later told me that she made that statement because my brows were other words...BROWS ON FLEEK!!! *flips hair*

Just look at this makeup counter....*lovestruck*...I wish I could drag it along with me to my house...lmaooo

My Favourite makeup prodcuts 

Ecrin 4 couleurs Ombres Longue Tenue - Long lasting Eyeshadows 
The first thing I laid my hands upon was their 4-in-1 eyeshadow palette. Oh Lord!! the pigments are from Heaven, and the blendability is out of this world. I swatched the peach colour and even on the back of my hand, it looked soo vibrant. I wish I took a picture of the swatches....

Crayon Yeux - Eyeliner and Kohl
Just beside the shadows, you can see the liquid eyeliners (they are so big, they look like witch's portion...looool...the french and their vintage designs...I love!!) and you can also see they kohl pencils.

These babies attracted my attention next, their amazing mascaras. They have 3 types as listed and described below: 
Mascara Createur de Volume - Volume Creating mascara 
This is the first mascara (from the top) in the picture. It has the widest brush. Amazing for adding volume and curl to you lashes.
Mascara Complete d'Exception - Exceptional Complete Mascara
I absolute love the packaging of this particular mascara, and it's REFILLABLE!!! The bristles on the brush are small and fantastic in adding length to your lashes. It also works for volume, curl and care for your eyelashes.
Mascara Deux Brosses Regard 360degs - Two brush Mascara 360 degs lashes
This particular mascara is my absolute favourite. It's a 2-in-1 mascara having brushes for upper and lower lashes. Amazing for length and definition. 
Tenue De Perfection - Long Lasting Perfection
First thing I noticed about this foundation was that they didn't have darker colours, but the lady promised me that by January, they would have more shades for darker ladies....yaaayyyy!!!
Then I decided to swatch the foundation, it has a very lovely velvet feel and to my utmost surprise, the colour I thought was too light for me, blended perfectly with my skin tone....Super Duper Amazing!!!! And it was sooo light (in weight) on the skin...meaning it would not feel heavy on the face and the coverage?? Amazing!!!...oh I'm soo getting this!!! 
Did I also mention that this foundation is other would work perfectly for oily skin!!!....
I would love to call this a luxury version of the Revlon Colorstay Foundation (if you've used Revlon Colorstay, you would understand what I'm talking about!!) 
Dear 2015 brides, you are in for an amazing ride with Eeda's Atelier *winks*

Meteorites Perles - light diffusing primer
Sorry I forgot to take a picture of this primer. It is a plant based mattifying primer which implies that it is fantastic for oily skin and because of its ingredients, it can help reduce acne. 

L'or - Essence d'Eclat à l'or Pur (primer with 24karat pure gold) 
This french people Ehn, 24 KARAT GOLD suspended in a mattifying primer!!!! doesn't get better than this!!! And guess what!! It was in my giveaway bag!!! *dancing shoki*.
The radiance is super amazing, and it dries matte....can't wait to try this under my makeup...

Straying a mum, when she saw this primer, said that I would have told them to gather all the gold in it and make it into a nice earring....lmaaoooo!!! The woman loves gold jewelleries too much.

Terracotta 4 Seasons: Poudre Bronzante Sur Mesure - Tailor-made bronzing powder (top picture)
It's a 4-in-1 powder which makes it more you have lighter and darker shades. This powder can be worn alone to give a gorgeous glow and the lighter colours would make a fantastic highlighter for extra glow on the cheeks, bridge of the nose and around the neck. Fantastic for bridal makeup.
Terracotta Poudre Bronzante Hydrante - Moisturizing bronzing powder (bottom picture)
I would call this their normal face powder, though it's called a bronzing powder (the one above is more of a bronzing powder). I have a feeling it would just give a light-bronzed finish but I highly doubt it will be soo bronzy. The swatch I did was more of powdery than bronzy, but I really love that the powder is light on the skin with a buildable coverage. The finish, amazing!!! and it's a moisturising powder. They also have dark colours for ladies with darker skintones like me...whoop!

Rouge G De Guerlain • L'extrait Creme de rouge Intense et Mate - Matte lipstick
The most beautiful part of this lipstick to me is the packaging, it comes in a silver case with Guerlain imprinted on it (as seen on the left of the board)...looks like a bag I didn't get to swatch this but I'm definitely going to get some and give reviews.

Rouge G De Guerlain - Exceptional complete lip colour
These are their Creme lipsticks, I also didn't get to swatch these but I will definitely be getting some and I will be giving reviews.

My Goodies
I got a couple of goodies from Guerlain, I have mentioned one above...the primer with 24-karat gold. I also got some others as shown below..

           The goody bag. 

Content of the goody bag: A Guerlain Leather Laptop Case, A leather purse filled with extra goodies, 24karat Gold Primer and Guerlain La Petite Robe Frangrance (100ml)

Guerlain La Petite Rouge - 100 ml.
This baby right here came at the perfect time, just when my Tom Ford - Voilet blonde was finishing and my birthday is approaching!!!! Wouldn't it be appropriate for me to say that Guerlain gave me an early present...whoop! 
Let me give you the review of this Frangrance in one sentence (for those that don't know it)...I sprayed on this fragrance yesterday evening (on the two sides of my neck)...after a night bath...and wonderful night rest, I woke up this morning and I can still smell the floral base note on my skin. Lovely, long lasting, show stopping, head turning Frangrance....*so go get yours...NOW!!!*

L'or - 24 Karat gold radiating primer (check review above - you can already see the gold inside the bottle)

The extra goodies in my Guerlain leather purse: La petite robe velvet body milk for glamorous skin, Gloss D'enfer - New maxi shine lip gloss and Guerlain super Aqua Eye Serum.

Beautiful leather laptop pouch from Guerlain

Me, trying to force my Mac book Pro into this gorgeous leather pouch...failed attempt...*hot tears*

My mum's Mac book Air sliding in sooo easily into the pouch...bottom mum took the pouch...:(.....I should have taken a picture of her evil smile when it didn't fit my laptop...lmaoooo

Thank you Guerlain, thank you Vivenne, thank you Uche (the makeup lady) and thank you Oma of Sociotectonic blog...I have had a swell time with y'all.

Note to Readers:
Even if you may feel it's a luxury brand and it may be expensive, (Not soo pricey to my utmost suprise) just give them a visit and I would just advice that you thank me later with their powder or the 2-in-1 mascara....Looool, its worth every single naira. 
You can visit their stand at Essenza, Ikeja City Mall (Shoprite) or at The Palms, Lekki. 

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