Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Blogorial on Look 4

Hello everyone, you asked for this and now I'm giving it to you...whoop!!! In my last post (click here to view), I asked for you to choose 3 looks you would like to see a "blogorial" on (Blogorial means Blog tutorial) and you chose looks 4, 9 and 10.
I would be posting a blogorial on look 4 today, if you're interested, please get your pen/paper, keep reading and get ready to take notes...or just keep visiting the blog (much easier right...Lool ;).  

This is my model after the makeover, she's stunning with a very flawless skin...

Here is a detailed description of the products used and application. 

- Using a "spoolie" or brow brush, I brushed the hairs of her brows in place. I also had to do a little trimming here and there with a razor just to give me a good base to work with. 
- then I used jordana retractable pencil in dark brown to outline the top and bottom of her brows
- I filled in the brows with another jordana retractable pencil in a lighter shade of brown called brown suede. Brown suede is a reddish brown colour that gives a soft natural finish when used to fill the brows. So if you are going for soft and natural (I would recommend you follow my technique holistically) but if you're more of the bold dark brow look, then you can just fill your brows with the previous pencil. Please note that in filling your brows, use very light strokes which can be heavier as you approach the tail end of the brows.
- I then used the spoolie to brush her brow hairs into shape. 
- taking my LA girl pro concealers in fawn and chestnut, I created a mixture of the perfect concealer for highlighting. The result of my mixing was about 1-2 shades lighter than her skintone. I used this mixture to clean up under her brows. Then I went ahead to use the same concealer in chestnut alone (which is about her skintone) to clean up the top of her brows. As I wanted to achieve a beautiful soft glam. 
- then I sealed up the brows using prestige cosmetics 2-in-1 brow gel. You can use any good brow gel for this step and it's not a compulsory step. 

- using a flat eyeshadow brush, I applied the colour "dope" from my urban decay Vice 2 palette to her entire lid. 
-Using my bdellium tools blending brush 507, I applied the brown colour as indicated below from my coastal scents 42 double stack palette in her crease 

- using a small angled brush, I then used the colour "habit" also from the urban decay vice 2 palette. For highlighting her brow bone. 
- I used a white eyeliner for her water line and using a small smudge brush, I applied a teal colour eyeshadow from my Bhcomestics day and night palette in her lower lid as indicated below.

- I used the Sleek Dip it Duo liquid eyeliner to line her lid.
- using my duo lash glue, I attached a random false lash from my bundle master eyelashes pack.
- I used the Sleek Dip it Duo mascara on her lower lash and also to brush up her natural brows with the attached. 

- I primed her face using the Guerlain L'or face primer containing 24 Karat gold flakes....literally (amazing stuff right there)
- I then used LA girl pro concealer in chestnut to cover her spots. I used my fingers in dabbing motions to apply this
- Using a stippling brush (I used the real techniques stippling brush), I applied revlon colorstay foundation for oily and combination skin in colour "cappuccino" all over her face. 
- using Juvias place fluffy small dome brush, I used the same mixture of LA girl pro concealer in "chestnut" and "fawn" as her highlight. (Hightlight areas: under the eyes extending towards the cheeks, bridge of her nose, peak of the lips, the chin and Center of her forehead).
- I set the highlight using a mixture of ben nye luxury powder in "banana" and ben nye translucent powder in "topaz". I did this using the elf blush brush. 
PS: Brushes can be very versatile, just because it is given a name doesn't mean it has only one function, learn to use tools whichever way it works for you.
- I contoured using the good ole sleek contour kit in "medium" and I did this with Juvias place contour brush.
Please note that I didn't use a wet product for the contour before setting it with a dry one because I was going for a soft glam look and I didn't want an overly deep contour. 
(Contour areas: under the cheek bone, jaw line, sides of her nose, temples of her face).
- I blended out her whole face using the colour "Moroccan" from the ben nye powder mojave palette. I did this with a real techniques large powder brush. 
- I added extra highlight to the bridge of her nose using my Mac mineralize skin finish in "medium". 
- using my elf blush brush, I applied the Zaron praire blush duo in "Raspberry"

- I lined her lips using the Eversheen lip liner in "smooth plum 511"
- then I applied Sephora lipstick in "rouge 3079B R23 Crush" 
- I used the LA pro girl concealer in "chestnut" to define the areas around lips. 

If you have questions on where to get any of the products used or any other kinds of questions. Please use the comments section. And I will be more than willing to help.
Thanks for visiting the blog today and have a fabulous day filled with laughter :*

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Which looks would you like a "BLOGORIAL" on????

Hi everyone, I must really apologise for going AWOL over a long period of time. I have got so much on my plate and blogging right now just seems like my mini-getaway from I owe you all sooooo much, so I have decided to give y'all a nice treat!!!! You will be deciding what you want to matter how simple or elaborate. Your comments decide my next set of blogposts!!! excited much right....I know :D
Bring it on people!!!....which of these looks below would you like to see a very well detailed "blogorial" - blog tutorial on (I am going to be selecting only 3 looks with the highest votes).

Please comment below with your choice of look for the blogorial and the 3 looks with the highest votes would be posted....:D:D:D:D:D
Adios!!! (for now though...hehehe!)