Sunday, 15 February 2015

BM|Pro Makeup Haul + Review + First Giveaway of the Year

Hello lovelies....I'm feeling lovestruck....lool...with the just concluded Valentine day but we are still in the season of love and Infact everyday is another day to be in or show love to anyone and everyone. Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine like I did. 
In the spirit of the season I would be hosting a giveaway but you have to finish reading this blogpost because my giveaway is embedded in it....hehehe!!!...setup abi...Oya read!!!
Prior to Valentine's Day, I and a fellow makeup artist, Dayo of Trés Jolié (check her page out @tifeybriolette on Instagram), went to the Bm|Pro Studio when Aunty Banks made it known on her page that there would be sales of up to 70% of her products...Say Whattt!!!! We were there the next and direct (lol)...It was so nice seeing Aunty Banks again atleast for me and it was the first time of Dayo meeting Aunty Banks...I had told her to prepare her mind to meet the most humble and amazing pro MUA ever...loool and just as I said, she was even much more impressed that I predicted...loool.
Enough with the stories and now to the fun part, we got really nice products during the sales. Below is my own goody bag and what I got although I will be reviewing all the products we both got. 

I got six (6) longlasting lipsticks, one (1) longlasting lipgloss and four (4) super amazing eyeshadows. 
Dayo got four (4) longlasting lipsticks, two (2) longlasting lipglosses and seven (7) gorgeous eyeshadows. 
We got each eyeshadow on sale for N800 which normally retails at about N2,600. Each lipstick on sale for N800 and it retails at N2,200. Longlasting lipglosses on sale for N2,500 which retails at N3,800.

Lipstick Swatches
Below are the lipsticks. We both got about the same lipsticks, so all lipsticks acquired can be found below.
The names of the lipsticks from left to right, we have citrus, raisin, snobbish, saxi, pink peony and fiery. (upper picture with flash and lower without flash). 
The names of the longlasting lipglosses we got (not in the picture) are frostbite, delphine and Chocotini. 
So i will be naming them again from the top left. We have Delphine, Citrus, Pink peony, Raisin, Snobbish, Fiery, Saxi and Frostbite. I forgot to swatch Chocotini but It's a very dark chocolate brown matte shade. 
(Oh btw...that's my new logo on the bottom right...a pointer to something exciting that is coming soon #anticipate).
Eyeshadow Swatches 
I got the 4 shades of eyeshadows as seen above. Their names, from left to right, are Sparkle dew, Sherry, Silver mint and antique gold (I'm not sure of the last one's fell off..lool). Also I don't have the pictures of the eyeshadows that Dayo got in their cases but find the swatches of all the eyeshadows we got below.
From the left, the name of beautiful chocolate brown fell off, so I may not be able to give that, next shade is called Peacock, then Silver mint, Petal, Shiny skin, Midnight blue, Lavender, Sherry, Antique gold and Sparkle dew.
The top picture is with flash and the bottom picture is without flash.
The eyeshadows were swatched with just a single finger swipe to make you know how highly pigmented they are. They are sooo sooo very pigmented and I would say they are my favourite eyeshadows at the moment. I'm soo in love with them that I have used some on a bride already...lool.
Cheek tint
We also got a cheek tint/cream blush as shown below, which also doubles as a possible lip colour because the colour is just soo pretty.
Top is without flash, bottom picture with flash. 
These products are very pigmented and for the longlasting lipsticks....Yes they are so damn longlasting, it's almost
Sales (Hint from Aunty Banks)
The sales of her products are still on till the stock runs out I guess. Also she would be adding blushes to the sales this coming Tuesday. 
So am I seeing you at her Lekki Studio on Tuesday for the sales??? I am sure I would :* ;).

As for the giveaway, 
- You must be following @eedasateliermakeup and @tifeybriolette on Instagram
- Repost the giveaway picture on my page and Tag @eedasateliermakeup and 2 other friends that would be interested in the giveaway. 

- In the comments section of my blog or instagram or facebook page, list the names of all the shades in the lip swatches, please list them from bottom centre to top left.
(Hint: names have already been given within this blogpost)
- Also in the comments section of my blog, instagram or facebook page, give the answer to this question.
What are the names of the 3 longlasting lipglosses we got and which is the only one exempted in this whole review?

Prize to be won
Winner with correct answers will be selected at random. You will win three (3) Bm|Pro lipsticks, a Bm|Pro blush and a Bm|Pro eyeshadow palette. 

Giveaway ends in 7 days (extended)

I love you???

Thanks for visiting the blog and I can't wait to know who the winner is...whoop!!

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Have a fabulous day. 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Bonus Tip of the day!!! Dry Lips vs Moisturized lips

Hello everyone, welcome to EedasAtelierMakeup blog!!!
Today I have decided to share tips on a very important issue. 
What do you do on that big day, after doing such a perfect flawless face and you realise your lips (or a client's lips) are chapped or dry????
Simple......just follow these 5 easy steps:
1. Use a very good lip balm or lip moisturizer all over the lips 
2. Let it sit for about 4 minutes (basically let it sit till you don't feel the dryness anymore)
3. Clean off the moisturizer using makeup wipes
4. Apply powder all over your lips
5. On a flawless juicy moisturized lips, apply your desired lip colour.

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