Thursday, 5 March 2015

Nude/Everyday Makeup Tutorial Using EA Makeup Brushes

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After introducing the EedasAtelier (EA) Makeup Brushes in my previous post (click here to see), I promised to do a video tutorial using only the EA Makeup Brushes. So here it is.... Please thumbs up the video and subscribe to my channel to enjoy many more upcoming make up tutorials...

Details of Products and Brushes Used

Guerlain L'Or primer (24 Karat Gold primer) used to prime her face.

- Dark Brown pencil - Eversheen Brown black pencil in "602"
- Light brown pencil - Jordana Retractable liner pencil in "Brown suede"
- EA "Spoolie" brush to brush her brows in place
- EA "brow definer" brush to definer her brows with LA pro concealer in "Cool tan"
- NYX jumbo pencil in "milk" as eyeshadow primer
- EA "eyeshadow" brush all over her lid using a gold colour from Bhcosmetics party girl palette

Unfortunately my Camera started acting up while doing the the next  two (2) steps :'(
- EA "outer V" brush in the outer V of her eyes using a chocolate brown colour from the same - palette
- EA "crease" brush in the crease using a light brown colour from Coastal scents 42 stack palette
- EA "brow definer" brush to highlight the brow bone with a white colour from the same palette
- EA "blender" brush to blend out the colours
- EA "Smudgee" brush in the lower lid using a teal colour from Bhcomestics party girl palette
- EA "liner" to create the wing liner on her lid with maybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel liner in "Black"
- Maybelline colossal Kajal in water liner

- LA pro concealer in "Fawn" all over her face to cover up redness around her face
- EA "Stippler" Brush all over her face with the Revlon Colorstay Oily/Combination skin foundation in "Caramel"
- EA "Concealer" Brush for highlight on the bridge of her nose, peak of her lips, chin, forehead and under eyes and also on the jawline with LA pro concealer in "Cool tan"
- Beauty Blender Sponge to blend highlighted areas
- EA "Contour" Brush for contouring under her cheek bones and temples of her head with Sleek Contour kit in "Light"
- EA "Blush" brush for setting the highlight with Ben Nye Banana Powder
- EA "Blush" brush to apply Bm|Pro blush in "morning dew" (pink blush) right above the contour, slightly into her cheeks and Bm|Pro blush in "apple glow" on her cheeks.
- EA "Blender" brush to set the highlight of the bridge of her nose with banana powder and EA "crease" brush to contour the sides of her nose using the Sleek contour kit in "light"
- EA "Powder" Brush all over her face with Ben Nye Mojave poudre palette in "Golden light" and "Caramel"

- zaron lip liner in "cappuccino" to line her lips
- EA "lip" brush to apply Mac lipstick in "Myth" and L'oreal lipstick in "peach fuzz"
- Sleek duo mascara on her upper and lower lash
- Added Stardell strip lashes

Finished look....

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Eeda's Atelier Makeup BRUSH LINE LAUNCHED ONLINE!!!! + YouTube Channel Now Available!!!!

Hello everyone, Happy New Month!!!!! I'm super duper wuper puper excited!!!!! I have been working silently on a project for sooo long now and finally its finished and I was able to launch online on the 27th February 2015.

As many of my super amazing Instagram followers already's the EedasAtelier Makeup Brush line!!!! Yaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!. I have also created my YouTube channel...yaay!!!
I will be doing a lot of makeup tutorials and reviews (probably on a weekly basis). You can now subscribe the my channel and also share videos.

The EedasAtelier (EA) Makeup Brushes come in the gorgeous and unique sturdy package as shown above with a carrier bag and a free gift that will be included with every purchase.
The EA makeup brush line is an exclusively beautiful brush line with an amazing quality that matches up to the standard of big brands yet available at a super affordable price. It's versatile for use by makeup lovers, users, upcoming and pro makeup artists and even the novice in the makeup field would find these brushes soo very easy to use.
I have made it soo easy by giving each brush a name you can easily relate to as opposed to the regular numbers on makeup brushes. 
Description of the Brushes

In the EA makeup complete brush set, you have fifteen (15) different makeup brushes 
The line up of the 15 pieces of EA Makeup Brushes and these brushes include:

Find below a video showing a detailed description of the EA Makeup Brushes and also look out for my first makeup tutorial using only the EA Makeup Brush set for an everyday full face makeup application. I just advice you subscribe to the channel so you don't miss it ;)

Description of Brushes
1. The EA "Powder" Brush
This brush is very soft and very precise in the application of powder all over the face. It also serves as a good brush for blending face products.

2. The EA "Stippler" Brush
This brush is very good for the application of foundation (especially liquid foundations). Product should be applied with this brush in stippling/dabbing motion.

3. The EA "Blush" Brush
This is a very soft brush and precise for the application of blush to the apple of the cheeks extending towards the ears. It also doubles as a good brush for setting highlight with powder.

4. The EA "Foundation" Brush
A flat foundation brilliant for use with cream products. Please note that if you're not so great with the use of this brush, you can always use the EA "Stippler" Brush to blend out any streaks or unevenness.

5. The EA "Contour" Brush
An angled contour brush fantastic for sculpting the face. It is also very precise as a result of its angled shape.

6. The EA "Blender" Brush
A versatile soft small blending brush that can be used for blending eyeshadow application. This brush can also be use to set the highlight on the bridge of the nose and peak of the lips as a result of its precision.

7. The EA "Outer-V" Brush
A brilliant brush for the outer-V of the eyes when applying eyeshadow. Much better alternative to the regular flat brush. It's dense and packs on colour nicely.

8. The EA "Concealer" Brush 
Very soft yet stiff brush. Beautiful for applying concealers and also for highlighting. It's small enough to reach hard-to-reach areas under the eye.

9. The EA "Smudgee" Brush
Lovely smudge brush. Very good for colour precision and application under the eye and tear duct. 

10. The EA "Liner" Brush
Amazing eyeliner brush, works perfectly with gel and cream products. Very precise for even the smallest lines.

11. The EA "lippie" Brush
Very nice soft yet dense lip brush, packs on lip colour nicely. Wider brush which is much better for wider lips and better application.

12. The EA "Brow Definer" Brush
Very good for brow definition and works well with liquid and cream products. Also suitable for lip definition.

13. The EA "Crease" Brush
The Crease bush is soft and dense, hence it packs on colour nicely. Works very precisely for crease colour application. This brush can also be used for contouring the sides of the nose.

14. The EA "Eyeshadow" Brush
Soft and dense eyeshadow brush that picks up colour very well and packs on colour for very good eyeshadow application.

15. The EA "Spoolie" Brush
This brush can also be referred to as a Brow brush. It works perfectly for brushing brow hairs into place.

          The five (5) EA Face Brushes

        They look sooo cute in Pink 

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