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Hi everyone, how are you all doing??? Who missed me :D :D…..
Ok! So I went for the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) in New York and I would love to share my experience and my super massive makeup shopping. In fact, there is so much to share that I think I am going to be doing this post in parts, as I will not want my posts and reviews to be too long. While I ponder over that, I will like you to sit tight, relax and enjoy my first experience at the IMATS. 

Hello Newyork :)

I actually booked a short holiday flight to New York, then I felt it would be a waste of time if I don’t do anything impactful during the trip (it was supposed to be a relaxation “sturv” but the entrepreneur in me screamed “Nooooo...get busy!!!”……lol). So I started looking for makeup conferences where I could learn one thing or the other. One of the first pages that popped up was the IMATS page, I read thoroughly about it, saw a lot of pictures, a lot of international bloggers also blogged about it, then I decided, I will be going for IMATS. Luckily for me, the next IMATS was to take place in New York during the exact same period I was going to be there…(Coincidence or Fate???...I call it God’s Will :D…).

Then, I went on the IMATS website and I found out that the tickets for the Show to be held in April was sold out since January -__-…Like seriously!!!!, I just became weak, I browsed and browsed to see if I can get “black market” (as a typical “naija” but I didn’t find any. The only tickets available were for IMATS procard holders but I have not even heard of the show before talkless of having a procard :’(. Then I posted on Instagram asking about those that will be present at the IMATS. After a few days, my darling Bunmi (@neonvelvet…co-winner of the Buntricia global makeup competition…click here to see post on the competition) commented on my page saying, “See you there!”. I flew into her dm immediately and explained my predicament. She had the procard and was entitled to invite another attendee, luckily for me, that slot was still free. My Joy knew no bounds…lol. She got my tickets for the last two days of the event as the first day was strictly for procard holders.

Fast forward to the first day of the show (procard holder’s day), I was sitting at home eagerly anticipating the next day so I can attend the regular attendee shows. Aunty Tara (@tariesmakeup), sent me a dm on Instagram requesting for my US contact number. I gladly obliged. PS: Aunty Tara is the Sole distributor of Prestige Studio Makeup, Mehron cosmetics and many very unique and amazing US makeup brands in Nigeria, so asking me for my contact details was a very big deal :D. She called me up asking if I was interested in attending the Pro card event…HELL YEEESSSS!!!! (But I don’t have a procard)….then she said she had extra exhibitor tags that I could enter as one…Within 10 minutes, I was on the next train to Manhattan….lmaaooo…I got there before her sef…I had to wait for about 40 minutes before she arrived…lol…when it comes to getting the best experience, trust me I will get to any length….lol.

Aunty Tara (@tariesmakeup) and I (L-R)

The entry for the procard event was so stressless, very few people, all exhibitors present. I got to do a few shopping here and there, got to meet different exhibitors including the founder of the brow evolution…Anastasia Bevery Hills (@anastasiabeverlyhills).  I also got to meet one of the best makeup and beauty storeowners in Nigeria, Aunty Funke (@giftysdaughter). I am sure a couple of you have heard of her and even visited her store…I learnt so much in the very short time I spent with her. I call her “The Business Tycoon”!!! We gisted about makeup and so much more,it felt like I have known her for years. You may not understand my joy as I was privileged to be in the company of these great women. It was a very big “God-Ordained” Privilege for me. It was a very chilled day overall and I carried that mentality of cool, calm and collected to the next day.

Oh Boy!!!! The next day made me realise that being a pro card holder is the way!!! With over 1000 attendees, the queue for entry was mad long. Bunmi (@neonvelvet) came to my rescue as she got me out of the long general entry queue and on to the procard holder queue as her guest.

Aunty Funke (@giftydaughter), me and Bunmi (@neonvelvet) (L-R)

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