Friday, 30 October 2015


On the second and third day, I learnt so much and met a lot of the industry big names, Nicky Gerome, Melanie Mills of Gleam glam dust, the body art makeup artist from Graftobian, Mehron and the likes, Isoken (@verygoodbadgirl), Kay (@vivaglamkay) and so many others. I also got to meet Eniola of, the dynamic makeup online beauty store. PS: AccessoriesNg now carries my brush line, click here for their website.

 Nicky Gerome and I (R-L)

 Kay (@vivaglamkay) and I (R-L)

I got to learn very unique forms of makeup including body paints, sfx makeup, prosthetic makeup with Thomas E. Surprenant , achieving makeup looks for black and white vs Color editorial looks  with Kanesha Perry, got to meet the “SNL” team and a whole bunch of fun stuff. There was so much shopping on the second day I must add and I will be reviewing each and every product I bought in a bit.

Kanisha Perry doing her thing on black and white editorial shoot.

Some of the special effects makeup of the fair that hopefully I get to do sometime....loooool

The spiky lady

Lady floral

Ice queen

Tree woman by graftobian cosmetics

The alien

Lady Gliterrazi .....yes its all glitters you are looking don't do justice.

PS: The names above are names I personally gave you can this one a name..;)

Some products I acquired at the fair

This was my massize goodie/shopping bag ;)

I got loads of lashes from the ladymoss stand at ridiculously cheap prices...

My holy grail against eyeshadow fall outs....Shadow shield *lovestruck*

Gleam my melanie mills....this is the real deal of highlighting...infact its smoother on the skin than find out more about the here

Oh Color switch by Vera Mona...another super amazing basically helps to erase eyeshadow colour from your brush in other to switch to another colour (meaning you can switch from black eyeshadow to white without having remnants or stains from the previous colour)....hopefully I get to show you the beauty of the product in a video :D.

I got these amazing Nigerian brands sometimes back too but I needed to showcase them as part of my haul...:D. The hegai and esther brow gels in nubia and ebony, their 85% alcohol, 3 shades of zaron face definers, zaron lipsticks (as prescribed by a wonderful friend I met on a job for TW magazine @yetunde_pendragon), and ofcourse the amazing EA makeup brushes...the EA contour brush to be used with the zaron face definers, the EA brow definer brush to be used wih the H&E brow gels and the EA lippie brush to be used with the Zaron lipsticks...matches made in Heaven ;D

Then laFemme lip stain and laSplash eyedust and glitters...would be posting looks with these products soon.

I treated my kit with some LA girl products too...the amazing super affordable water-based concealers, their nudes eyeshadow palette and glam blush collection....*love*

Then the skindinavia finishing spray and i got the little primer spray for free :D (perks of shopping at a makeup fair) 

I didnt get these products at a fair...I shopped for them at radiance powders (amazing btw!!!), l'oreal foundations, maybelline foundation and studio gel liner.

One of the blackest black eyeshadows on the Sugarpill's "Bulletproof" eyeshadow and I got the beautiful sugarpill sticker for free...:D

The beautiful BenNye luxury banana powder, duo adhesive glue for strip lashes (Say No to "Lash Abuse"....Stop bonding glue :|), and some beautiful lip pencils from see that last pencil standing alone doesnt have a brand name on it and I don't recall where I got it from at the fair...meaning....brand your products with your name :|

A whole freebie foundation collection from Makeup Atelier...this is their dark skin collection...and I must confess that after use for a while, they are amazing for our skin...

Nyx cosmetics took most of my cash...shopped blushes, eyeshadows, pearl eyeshadows. eye pencils, jumbo pencils, liners....the list goes on...

I also got a couple of their amazing soft matte lip cream...these babies glide on like butter but dry them like crazy...

more lippies from Nyx cosmetics

More pencils from nyxcosmetics....hahaha!!!!

  Can you see how cheap lashes were???? 3D lashes for $1

One of the sponsors for the Makeup Show!!!

Product goals....hehehe!!!!

Bdellium tools :D

Miss Adoro....super soft lashes

CEO Sugar pill cosmetics....look at those pigments on her eyes *love love*

Bride of the month....

My lovely bride-to-be Miss P. did her introduction this month. And I glammed her up for it 
Looking forward to the D-day.... See pictures of her intro below...
Also the EA makeup team got called to glam up lady T's bridal party... pictures also below.