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Featured Post: Want to become a makeup artist? Hear from an amazing Makeup Artist Adorned by Joy

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It's always nice to share some knowledge on here. Today, we would be discussing the issue of becoming a "professional" makeup artist. Some days back, I was thinking about the beauty industry and how much of makeup artists we have now. I am so sure that for every family of 6, there is atleast 1 makeup artist.The industry is super saturated with so many different abcmakeup and xyzmakeovers. This increased number of makeup artists in the industry does not necessarily mean that there is increased "skills". In my opinion, it is just an alarming number of people holding brushes, painting faces and tagging themselves "mua - makeup artist" without truly understanding the art. This is a big issue in the industry because, it reduces the value of the artistry as a whole and it increases mediocre work in the industry.

Please note that this is not a form of ridicule of degradation of anyone but just like every craft, it is better to build your skills very well, so as to boldly take on the label of a true Makeup Artist. In actual fact, the sky is big enough to contain everyone one but every top makeup artist we see today were once beginners that paid the price of resilence, worked the work, developed their skills and got to the top. So enjoy your development, enjoy your process and enjoy this post you are about to read.

I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine and fabulous Nigerian makeup artist, Adorned by Joy! This will be my first feature on the blog but it will definitely not be the last as I will be having more professionals on the blog for different aspects of the beauty industry, so watch out!!!

For those that do not know Joy, her full name is Joy Maduka and she is the head makeup artist and CEO of Adorned by Joy. Joy started makeup artistry after graduating from Babcock University in 2011. She is been in the Nigerian makeup industry for almost seven (7) years but she started professionally in 2015. As with typical Nigerian parents, they objected at first, to her career as a makeup artist and they wanted her to get a regular white collar job, but she stuck to her passion and it has and is still taking her places till date.

According to Joy, two major things that you would require to start a career in makeup artistry is God and Passion. Without these two, no amount of certification or makeup training or school of cosmetology can get you to the peak of a makeup career. If you have a burning passion for makeup artistry, then you take the next step to build a career on that passion. Go for a makeup training with a true "professional" in the industry and get certified because there are some heights you would reach in the beauty industry that would require your proof of certification from a makeup school or academy. There is nothing wrong with being a freelancer but there is also nothing wrong in learning hands-on from people who have been in the industry for a long time coming. You get to learn from the mistakes they've made, you learn their special tips and tricks, you also get to ask questions and be corrected of any errors you may make while training. These are the important aspects that you may not have access to as a freelancer that learns from you-tube. In a nutshell, learn the best way you can learn, learn from the best and never stop learning.

As for what to have in your makeup kit as a starter, she simply advised that you start up your makeup kit with original products, NO COUNTERFEIT!!! She also asked to make sure you get products that would work for a good range of the various skin tones. 

She stated that one major challenge you may face as a beginner is a long phase of trickling or no clients at all. During this period, she advised that you don't give up on your craft (that is why would require a whole lot of passion for makeup artistry). Instead of giving up, keep getting better at your craft, keep learning and keep improving. 

She also advises that makeup beginners should be social media inclined as it is very important in this age of technology. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA!!!! It can take you places. 

About promoting your business as a makeup artist, you can read my post here

Joy is also a makeup trainer and teacher, so if you would like to kick off your career in makeup artistry with AdornedByJoy, you can reach out to Joy via any of the following platforms:

Instagram: @adornedbyjoy
Whatsapp: 09021776594
Call: 08094432944

She also has offers for upcoming makeup artists, where you go to her studio with a model, do your makeup and she takes stunning images for you at a token price!!! You can then put your logo on these images and post on your social media. You don't want to pass on this deal to kick off your makeup career 😘😘😘😘

Is there anything health or beauty related you would like me to share?? Comment below!

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How to Promote Your Brand and Get More Customers!!!

Hi EA Glamddicts,

I am super happy with the review I got from my last post on "how to start your own cosmetic brand" (click here to check it out). The tips I gave were useful even for people that are not in the beauty industry but want to start their own brand, so thank you all for checking it out!

I promised to do a post on how to promote your brand and I am here to fulfil my promise. I think the question I get asked the most, since I started Eeda's Atelier, is, "How do you get people to buy your products, Oyinda?", some people even tell me that I am so good making people buy my products but I just want to say that I was never "good" at this. In fact if anyone told me that I would have my own growing beauty brand 10-15 years ago, I would have probably said that I will be too busy being a medical My point is, nobody is born with the "marketing spirit", we simply learn, unlearn and relearn. This has been the story of my brand. So that I don't bore you too much, let's get started!

1. Quality of your products

This is my number one tip simply because quality is one major factor that can bring people and make people stick to your brand. Not your price, but your quality! If your price is very high and the quality of your product is commensurate with it, people would buy no matter what, same as if your price is low!. There is a market audience for every kind of product (high end or regular products).

An example is the likes of ABH cosmetics, ysl cosmetics, katvonD, etc. The prices of these brands' products range between $30 (N11, 000) for a lipstick to $65 (N25, 000) for a bottle of 30ml foundation, but guess what they have very high rates of sale because they deliver quality!!! Please! please and Please, let quality be the bedrock of your brand. It is very important.

The goal of my own brand is to provide quality at affordable prices, so my products are relatively inexpensive but my quality is topnotch (I know this based on customer reviews and repurchases).

2. Packaging: My biggest advice on packaging is....BE UNIQUE!!!

Do an extensive research on packaging, you don't need to copy. In my last post I said you should check out pinterest, someone contacted me and told me how much packaging ideas she has gotten from pinterest after she read my previous blog post. There is something for everyone on pinterest, just check it out. DON'T BE REGULAR...invest in the appearance of your brand!!! Remember that your packaging is your brand's appearance, it is the very first impression that your customers get....make it a lasting impression.

When I released my first set of products, the brushes, I had people order for a set not because they knew how to use it but just because the packaging was simply stunning. You can check the post on my product launch here

The packaging for my brush set

PS: I am sold out on this set completely and I am already working on a new design for the brushes because I like to spice things up and leave my customers thrilled by new stuff 😏😏😏

3. Take captivating pictures and videos of your products occasionally (you need to learn (not copy) from foreign brands and see how this is done).

I am not saying you should start by using a high end product photographer (you will probably even run when you hear their You can start, just like me, with your phone (whatever type of phone, just use what you have till you are able to get better). Remember, growing a brand is a long process, so take your time and enjoy your process.

I took this picture with my Samsung A5 phone and labelled it myself....I'm a DIY queen πŸ˜‰ 

Side note: I have seen that a lot of Nigerian brands copy images and videos from foreign brands. They think people would not notice, oh you have no idea how much information is online and how easy it is to access these information. My personal advice to you, my readers, be original with everything you do with your brand. People will find out eventually if you are just copying. It may take time to grow, but you will grow and you will stand the test of time.

4. Find a blogger or influencer that can support your brand

Look for bloggers or influencers in your region or country, work with them, give them your products, possibly ask for their honest review on the products and watch your market audience grow like wild fire. Please note that some of these beauty bloggers/influencers charge to promote your products but some of them will wholeheartedly promote your products for free. Start with the free ones.

5. Be a giver!!!! Give to makeup artists, host giveaways and give discounts

This is so important, be a GIVER!!! When I released my newest product, the glitters (check them out here), I used a very interesting strategy (inspired by the Holy Spirit 😊). I named each color of my glitters after African makeup artists that inspire a lot of people but I went even further to give each makeup artist, that had their names on my glitters, a full set of all the colors in my glitter collection. You know what happened? All these makeup artists were so honored that they post my glitters on all their pages. You know what this did for my brand? It directed all their 100, 000 - 300, 000 followers to my product page, thereby promoting my brand for FREE!!!.

I host giveaways occasionally as well, I usually give a certain set of rules, that would always include, "tagging friends on my page" and "following my page", and they would get a certain amount of my products for free. These two actions alone, can draw hundreds of potential patrons to my brand. I sometimes tell them to "repost my product image" on their page...DING! πŸ˜‰

Once in a while, I come up with discount offers to, just to synthesize and continually arouse the interest of customers in my products. This works very well too. So you can decide to start with one of these 3 ways of giving.

6. Sponsor beauty events and makeup classes

This also works very well. Although I don't take up all sponsorship offers that come my way but after proper scrutiny and measuring potential effectiveness and impact on my brand, I sponsor a couple of beauty related events, nationally and internationally.

7. Create sponsored ads to promote your products on instagram and facebook. 

I am sure a good number of us have come across posts on our pages from people that we are not following, you get to see "sponsored" on top of these posts, this is a form of advertisement that is provided by facebook for both the facebook and instagram platforms. This is amazing because it is super easy to create an advert and we get to choose who we want to see these advertisements. If you would like more information on how to create a sponsored advert, please send me an email on
Make sure you are subscribed to the blog before you send me an email.

8. Attend fairs and events (even I am still learning this one)

The power of networking cannot be underestimated. You get to meet new people, competitors, study other brands, pitch your brand and possibly get potential investors. I am really working on getting better on this accept because of its high potential of increasing my market audience. You should too!

9. Make sure your brand's social media page is super active.

Post at least 4-5 times in a day for maximum productivity, ask open ended questions on your posts.This make your customers feel like they have a high stake in your brand and it is important because they actually have a stake in your brand. Without customers, I'm sorry you have no brand. Also engage in other people's posts, let people become familiar with your brand's social media handle and watch your market audience increase!

10. Be innovative

Switch things up in your brand once in a while, it keeps your customers always expectant and involved in your brand!!!

That's it from me on how to promote your brand! Remember, BE ORIGINAL!! and thank me later πŸ˜‰

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Stay Beautiful!

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Friday, 21 July 2017

Thinking of starting your own cosmetic brand?? Don't know how to get funds?? Find out how!

Hi EAglamddicts!

This is going to be a very interesting and enlightening post. So get your pens and notepads ready😊😊. I will like everyone reading this post to open your minds to the endless possibilities of being a beauty entrepreneur. It is a lucrative business that I have enjoyed for the past 4 years and counting.

First, I would like give a disclaimer that everything you see on this post are strictly my opinion and based on my personal experience in the cosmetics industry. I am not an expert and I am still growing just like everyone of you. So, this is not the typical step by step procedure on how to make it "big" in the industry, it is simply a guide on how to start up your own cosmetic brand.

Now that we have an understanding, let's get into the post proper!

You see, the cosmetic industry is very broad and versatile. There are so many aspects of this industry with so many untapped potentials. Let me put that statement in figures so that you will get my point well. The global cosmetics industry is worth about 670 billion dollars annually and Africa has just approximately 10% of this figure (i.e 67 billion dollars). If you go further to sub-divide the figure between the two African countries (Nigeria and South Africa) that are taking the lead in the beauty industry, then you would realise that we are just benefitting a token from the global wealth in this industry.

The most interesting part is that the major cosmetic brands in the western world (US, Europe, Asia etc.) are beginning to tap into our own industry by bringing in their products and making us purchase them at very high rates. They have even gone as far as setting up franchises and stores within our mega cities. If only we could settle down, do our research, start up our own cosmetic brands, we would have a bigger fraction of that global figure above.

So do you see why you should start your own cosmetic line?

Here's a few steps on how you can get started:

1. The very first question you might want to ask yourself is: What am I interested in or what am I passionate about?

There are various aspects of the cosmetics industry that you can get involved. The list below contains a few potential aspects (this list is just a guide, you can do further research on more).
  • Skincare (especially the new love for organic and natural skincare)
  • Makeup products (eyes, face, lips, lashes, brow products)
  • Makeup tools (brushes, sponges, brush cleaning tools)
  • Hair products (especially the new rave for natural products for hair care)
  • The new rave for essential oils
For my brand, I decided to start up with makeup tools, my first product was a 15 pcs brush set that is very high quality and comparable to foreign brands like sigma brushes but almost three times cheaper in price. The vision for my brand is to produce high quality products at affordable prices (this is actually my brand could think of yours). Once you have identified your interest (please do your personal research well), you can move to step 2 below.

2. Research! Research! Research!

You need to do a lot of research to build a solid brand. I will drop a few tips below:
  • Have a sound knowledge of your interest. If you don't have a background and updated knowledge of the cosmetics industry, I will suggest to partner with someone that does (you could partner with a makeup artist).
  • Study the trends of your niche. Taking lip products as an example, different colors are introduced by the industry's trendsetters as colors for different seasons. This point is very very important, study the TRENDS!!!.
  • Get good raw materials for your home made products (if you are working on products that can be made at home).
  • Search for a quality laboratory. If you are dealing with cosmetics or anything skincare that you cannot produce yourself. You don't want to destroy people's skins please. 
  • Search for a good manufacturer (if you are dealing with makeup tools)
  • Packaging is everything!!! Try to be unique and stand out with your packaging. Go on pinterest and google, search for packaging ideas for your product line. Do not limit your mind...think outside the box. Packaging is the appearance of your product, so take your time on this.
For more information on getting a good laboratory, manufacturers or packagers that can help you with your product from production to packaging level, send me an email here. Kindly make sure you are subscribed to this blog before you send me an email!!!
3. Naming your brand and getting a logo.

This is a very important step because it is difficult to alter a brand name after your market audience has been accustomed to one. So I advice that you take your time, think about it well (possiblly seek "positive" people's opinion), pick a name that best defines what your brand is about or what you feel works for your brand and name your brand.

My brand name is Eeda's Atelier. The "Eeda" is my baby cousin's way of calling my name "Oyinda", she says "Aunt Eeeeda" and the "Atelier" is a french word for "workshop"or "studio". So my brand name, "Eeda's Atelier" simply means "Oyinda's Workshop".

Your logo is your brand's signature, your brand's unique identity, make sure it's outstanding. Don't just copy other brands in your region or locality, look out for foreign brands that you look up to and get your inspiration (Don't copy please!!!).

I have a couple of graphic designers that can help you with your logo design and branding, send me an email here, if you are interested. Kindly make sure you are subscribed to this blog before you send me an email!!!

4. Now the part you have been waiting for: Funding!!!

If you observe, funding is the 4th step on this list. This is because if you make fund sourcing your step 1, you will never start your business. Funding is very important but having a vision of what you want to fund is most important. We have talked about your interest, research and naming your brand, you see you have a foundation to build your funds on? There are few avenues to source for funding for your business:
  • Funding from your regular job or other source of income (if you have one)
  • Funding from family and friends (This is a great opportunity if you have family or friends that can support your business with personal loans.....Please make sure you pay back!!!!)
  • Funding from organisations. I will like to expatiate on this because it is one opportunity that I really did not explore as I had no information from anyone about this kind of funding. There are so many organisations online that are interested in funding your business provided you have a solid and valid business plan that would provide jobs for others. 
The most recent one I just came across is the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF), you can click here to access their loan application portal. LSETF is a Lagos state government initiative that aims at providing funds for start up businesses, they give as high as five million naira (N5,000,000) for businesses. There are other opportunities like this one online, if you can settle down and do your research, you should find more.
  • Funding from the bank. I am not really knowledgeable about this type of funding, so I would not say much but I know a couple of banks have good packages for SMEs. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB), Diamond Bank, Access Bank and First Bank have relatively good packages. 

5. Register your business

This is very important, you can start by atleast registering your business name before you proceed to incorporating the full business. I started by registering my business name, because it would be very sad for my fancy brand name, "Eeda's Atelier", to be hijacked after building the brand to a high level of recognition. The awesome part, for Nigerian based businesses, is that it is now easy to register your business on the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) online. You can click here to access the registration portal. At the time I did mine, it cost me just N500 to search for my business name and N10,000 to register the name online (this may or may not be the most recent rates...please check to confirm). Please note that after registering online, you will need to still submit the print versions of the documents from your portal and submit at the closest CAC office to you.

6. Pray and Commit everything you are about to start into God's hands

7. START!!!!!!!!!

I hope I have been able to give you a few hints to tickle you to start your own brand. Please don't rush. A brand that would stand the test of time would take a bit of time investment. Mine took about 9months to 12 months I think, so please take your time and enjoy your brand development process.

Any questions or do you have any issue you would like me to address??? Please comment below!

Thanks for taking your time to read! 😘

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Stay Beautiful!

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 "Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men" - Prov. 22:29

Friday, 14 July 2017

Introducing EA glitters!!! (Very late post)

Hi! Hi! Hi!

I said I would not slack anymore in updating the blog, so here you go with this new post. Some of us have not been introduced to the latest addition in the Eeda's Atelier family. Be prepared to be wowed!!!!!

Introducing the beautiful EA glitters in all their glory 😍😍😍😍

These gorgeous beauties are named after powerful and inspiring African makeup artists. See the list of makeup artists and their respective names below:

Ngozi was named after the amazing Ngozi Oni of @beautyandthebeholdermakeovers. Her precision and apt makeup application prompted me to name the 3d silver glitter after her.

Jaytee was named after US based Nigerian makeup artist Joke Tijani of @makeupbyjaytee. We all know "Jaytee" loves the color purple, so I decided to name the lilac shade after her (we have a fellow purple lover on our list).

Bebe was named after the fabulous Bebe Omagbemi of @bibyonce. Bebe is the queen of glass glow glam and if she wants to smoke out any look, she smokes it out just right for that night life glam! I decided to name the midnight blue shade after her.

Lami was named after awesome Lamide Ojo of @tintsmakeuppro. Lami was the inventor of the very gorgeous orange ombre lip that trended in Nigeria for a very long time. So I decided to name the orange shade after her.

Banke was named after makeup veteran Banke Meshida-Lawal of @banksbmpro @bmpromakeup. Apart from the fact that she is one of the pioneer makeup artists in Nigeria, her love for soft hues is surreal! So I decided to name the baby pink glitter after her.

Ashabee was named after the delectable Bisola Akintunde of @makeupbyashabee. For those that are not familiar with "Ashabee's" craft, she absolutely loves her bright and vivid colors and she is very expressional with them in her art! So I decided to name the yellow gold glitter after her.

Labisi was named after the awesome Labisi Sijuwade of @facesbylabisi. Apart from the fact that Labisi absolutely loves the color purple (she's the contender with Jaytee on this, she always creates looks that depict royalty and class. It just had to be the purple shade for her.

Eeswat was named after the ever slaying Eeswat of @eeswatmakeovers. You would fall in love with chocolate skin beauties and brides when Eeswat touches their faces. There goes our chocolate shade, which had to be named after her.

Jojo was named after the makeup guru, Joana Banna of @jojostouch. Have you ever come across a precisely slayed red lip? If you have not, you need to get yourself some looks by Jojo. She just had to take the crown for the red shade.

Joy was named after UK based Nigeria makeup veteran, Joy Adenuga of @joyadenuga. Joy's makeup looks depict simplicity, class and sophistication. Hope we know what the color "black" stands for?? It had to be named after her!

Bella is a special color because it is not named after any makeup artist. It was named after my sweet younger sister Isabella. I chose the transparent shade for her because it adds sparkle to any base color it is placed on without changing the color beneath. That's exactly what my sister does to everyone around her, she adds that extra sparkle!!!

Yapha was named after the talented Ennie of @ennieyapha. The pace at which Ennie sprung up and rose to the top chart in the Nigerian makeup industry is amazeballs!!! I can only describe it by saying she is like a tree that is planted by the rivers of Green depicts growth, now you know why our green shade is Yapha.

Mamza was named after the Northern Nigerian veteran Fati Mamza of @mamzabeauty. Mamza would use fuschia pink on a northern belle and you would feel like pink is the best color in the world. I just had to name the fuschia pink color after her. 

PS: Pink also happens to be my best color.

Queen was named after the steady slayer, Shade of @beautybyqueen. We can say that Shade's looks have an aura of royalty that can be attributed to gold. The champagne gold color was just the best fit for her.

Lawre was named after Ghana makeup goddess, Lawrencia Owusu of @lawrebabe_mua. She makes any face come alive with freshness and beauty. Aqua depicts life and refereshment...get it?? Aqua had to be named after her.

Lola was named after the powerful sfx makeup artist Lola Maja of @lolamaja @thebeautyinsiderng. Lola loves pink but we decided to name a unique pink (it has a bit of other colors in it) after her because of her unique skills of artistry. She is a special effects makeup guru.

Dayo was named after UK based awesome makeup artist Rasheeda (or Dayo) of @ots_beauty. Dayo has a perceived love for coral and peachy soft hues which is evident in her artistry. Our coral shade was a perfect match.

Simbi was named after the makeup maven, Simbi of @lbvmakeovers. I chose this color because of the outcome of Simbi's work when you present a Royal Blue outfit to her. She brings Royal blue to life!!! Our royal blue shade was a big YES for her!

Oshewa was named after makeup majesty, Bunmi of @oshewabeauty. I chose the rose gold shade to be named after her because it depicts class and beauty. Bunmi's artistry is simply beautiful.

Bimpe was named after makeup veteran, Bimpe Onakoya of @bimpeonakoya. Bimpe is the Nigerian representative of the Maybelline US brand. She is amazing when it comes to her craft and she brings out the goddess in you. The bronze color was a perfect match!

Did I do a good job with the naming, what are your thoughts??? Comment below in the comment section!

The glitters have been a best seller among all the EA products. People are absolutely in love with them. See some of the glitters used by various awesome makeup artists below. 

This look was created by @ms_leon using EA glitters

This look was created by @lhidiastanley using EA glitters

This look was created by @layefabeauty using EA glitters

This look was created by @paushbeautylounge using EA glitters

This look was created by @lhidiastanley using EA glitters

This look was created by @dimmaumeh using EA glitters 
This look was created by @lhidiastanley using EA glitters

This look was created by @bregha using EA glitters

This look was created by @meg_makeovers using EA glitters

This look was created by @lhidiastanley using EA glitters

This look was created by @beautyfreaksnj using EA glitters

This look was created by @b.e.a.u.t.i.f.i.e.d using EA glitters

Which colors are your favourite, comment below and let me hear your thoughts!

To place an order for the glitters, you can contact us via any of the following platforms:

Whatsapp/Call: 08146207346
Instagram DM: @e.abeauty or
Facebook page: Eeda's Atelier

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The "@" used throughout this post is with reference to instagram you can check them out!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Update on EA

Hello Eedas Atelier Lovers! I am Back!!!!!

Its been a minute, I have been very busy improving on my make up skills, gele skills and most importantly adding more products to the Eedas Atelier (EA) brand. For those who are new to this blog, EA has two subsidiaries, they include the makeup services and product sales. To cut the long talk short, see some of the fabulosity I have been up to lately below:

Details of glam team for the above:
Muse: @mercy_vogue
Asooke: @dgoldkreationz_asooke_services
Beads: @juhmmieyinnovations

Products used:

Mabrook brow pencil in dark brown
Hegai and Esther brow pomade in ebony
Loreal brow gel mascara

House of tara margaret ekpo palette
EA glitters in Ashabee
Mac single eyeshadow in rice paper
Maybelline liquid eyeliner
Maybelline black gel liner
Beelashes eyelashes in 605
Maybelline mascara

Maybelline Fit me Foundation in coconut 355
LA girl pro concealer in fawn
Sacha buttercup setting powder
Cover girl queen bronzer in Ebony
Black radiance powder in golden beige
LA girl pro blush palette
Gleam radiant dust in bronze gold

Mac lip liner in currant
Jioney longlasting lipgloss in baby pink
Houseoftara white eye primer

Hope you enjoyed this post, Comment below and share if you are still with me!

Don't worry, I will be posting more often now *pinky swear*

Giveaway coming soon!

Stay Beautiful!