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Featured Post: Want to become a makeup artist? Hear from an amazing Makeup Artist Adorned by Joy

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It's always nice to share some knowledge on here. Today, we would be discussing the issue of becoming a "professional" makeup artist. Some days back, I was thinking about the beauty industry and how much of makeup artists we have now. I am so sure that for every family of 6, there is atleast 1 makeup artist.The industry is super saturated with so many different abcmakeup and xyzmakeovers. This increased number of makeup artists in the industry does not necessarily mean that there is increased "skills". In my opinion, it is just an alarming number of people holding brushes, painting faces and tagging themselves "mua - makeup artist" without truly understanding the art. This is a big issue in the industry because, it reduces the value of the artistry as a whole and it increases mediocre work in the industry.

Please note that this is not a form of ridicule of degradation of anyone but just like every craft, it is better to build your skills very well, so as to boldly take on the label of a true Makeup Artist. In actual fact, the sky is big enough to contain everyone one but every top makeup artist we see today were once beginners that paid the price of resilence, worked the work, developed their skills and got to the top. So enjoy your development, enjoy your process and enjoy this post you are about to read.

I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine and fabulous Nigerian makeup artist, Adorned by Joy! This will be my first feature on the blog but it will definitely not be the last as I will be having more professionals on the blog for different aspects of the beauty industry, so watch out!!!

For those that do not know Joy, her full name is Joy Maduka and she is the head makeup artist and CEO of Adorned by Joy. Joy started makeup artistry after graduating from Babcock University in 2011. She is been in the Nigerian makeup industry for almost seven (7) years but she started professionally in 2015. As with typical Nigerian parents, they objected at first, to her career as a makeup artist and they wanted her to get a regular white collar job, but she stuck to her passion and it has and is still taking her places till date.

According to Joy, two major things that you would require to start a career in makeup artistry is God and Passion. Without these two, no amount of certification or makeup training or school of cosmetology can get you to the peak of a makeup career. If you have a burning passion for makeup artistry, then you take the next step to build a career on that passion. Go for a makeup training with a true "professional" in the industry and get certified because there are some heights you would reach in the beauty industry that would require your proof of certification from a makeup school or academy. There is nothing wrong with being a freelancer but there is also nothing wrong in learning hands-on from people who have been in the industry for a long time coming. You get to learn from the mistakes they've made, you learn their special tips and tricks, you also get to ask questions and be corrected of any errors you may make while training. These are the important aspects that you may not have access to as a freelancer that learns from you-tube. In a nutshell, learn the best way you can learn, learn from the best and never stop learning.

As for what to have in your makeup kit as a starter, she simply advised that you start up your makeup kit with original products, NO COUNTERFEIT!!! She also asked to make sure you get products that would work for a good range of the various skin tones. 

She stated that one major challenge you may face as a beginner is a long phase of trickling or no clients at all. During this period, she advised that you don't give up on your craft (that is why would require a whole lot of passion for makeup artistry). Instead of giving up, keep getting better at your craft, keep learning and keep improving. 

She also advises that makeup beginners should be social media inclined as it is very important in this age of technology. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA!!!! It can take you places. 

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Joy is also a makeup trainer and teacher, so if you would like to kick off your career in makeup artistry with AdornedByJoy, you can reach out to Joy via any of the following platforms:

Instagram: @adornedbyjoy
Whatsapp: 09021776594
Call: 08094432944

She also has offers for upcoming makeup artists, where you go to her studio with a model, do your makeup and she takes stunning images for you at a token price!!! You can then put your logo on these images and post on your social media. You don't want to pass on this deal to kick off your makeup career 😘😘😘😘

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