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How to Promote Your Brand and Get More Customers!!!

Hi EA Glamddicts,

I am super happy with the review I got from my last post on "how to start your own cosmetic brand" (click here to check it out). The tips I gave were useful even for people that are not in the beauty industry but want to start their own brand, so thank you all for checking it out!

I promised to do a post on how to promote your brand and I am here to fulfil my promise. I think the question I get asked the most, since I started Eeda's Atelier, is, "How do you get people to buy your products, Oyinda?", some people even tell me that I am so good making people buy my products but I just want to say that I was never "good" at this. In fact if anyone told me that I would have my own growing beauty brand 10-15 years ago, I would have probably said that I will be too busy being a medical doctor...lol. My point is, nobody is born with the "marketing spirit", we simply learn, unlearn and relearn. This has been the story of my brand. So that I don't bore you too much, let's get started!

1. Quality of your products

This is my number one tip simply because quality is one major factor that can bring people and make people stick to your brand. Not your price, but your quality! If your price is very high and the quality of your product is commensurate with it, people would buy no matter what, same as if your price is low!. There is a market audience for every kind of product (high end or regular products).

An example is the likes of ABH cosmetics, ysl cosmetics, katvonD, etc. The prices of these brands' products range between $30 (N11, 000) for a lipstick to $65 (N25, 000) for a bottle of 30ml foundation, but guess what they have very high rates of sale because they deliver quality!!! Please! please and Please, let quality be the bedrock of your brand. It is very important.

The goal of my own brand is to provide quality at affordable prices, so my products are relatively inexpensive but my quality is topnotch (I know this based on customer reviews and repurchases).

2. Packaging: My biggest advice on packaging is....BE UNIQUE!!!

Do an extensive research on packaging, you don't need to copy. In my last post I said you should check out pinterest, someone contacted me and told me how much packaging ideas she has gotten from pinterest after she read my previous blog post. There is something for everyone on pinterest, just check it out. DON'T BE REGULAR...invest in the appearance of your brand!!! Remember that your packaging is your brand's appearance, it is the very first impression that your customers get....make it a lasting impression.

When I released my first set of products, the brushes, I had people order for a set not because they knew how to use it but just because the packaging was simply stunning. You can check the post on my product launch here

The packaging for my brush set

PS: I am sold out on this set completely and I am already working on a new design for the brushes because I like to spice things up and leave my customers thrilled by new stuff 😏😏😏

3. Take captivating pictures and videos of your products occasionally (you need to learn (not copy) from foreign brands and see how this is done).

I am not saying you should start by using a high end product photographer (you will probably even run when you hear their rates.....lol). You can start, just like me, with your phone (whatever type of phone, just use what you have till you are able to get better). Remember, growing a brand is a long process, so take your time and enjoy your process.

I took this picture with my Samsung A5 phone and labelled it myself....I'm a DIY queen 😉 

Side note: I have seen that a lot of Nigerian brands copy images and videos from foreign brands. They think people would not notice, oh you have no idea how much information is online and how easy it is to access these information. My personal advice to you, my readers, be original with everything you do with your brand. People will find out eventually if you are just copying. It may take time to grow, but you will grow and you will stand the test of time.

4. Find a blogger or influencer that can support your brand

Look for bloggers or influencers in your region or country, work with them, give them your products, possibly ask for their honest review on the products and watch your market audience grow like wild fire. Please note that some of these beauty bloggers/influencers charge to promote your products but some of them will wholeheartedly promote your products for free. Start with the free ones.

5. Be a giver!!!! Give to makeup artists, host giveaways and give discounts

This is so important, be a GIVER!!! When I released my newest product, the glitters (check them out here), I used a very interesting strategy (inspired by the Holy Spirit 😊). I named each color of my glitters after African makeup artists that inspire a lot of people but I went even further to give each makeup artist, that had their names on my glitters, a full set of all the colors in my glitter collection. You know what happened? All these makeup artists were so honored that they post my glitters on all their pages. You know what this did for my brand? It directed all their 100, 000 - 300, 000 followers to my product page, thereby promoting my brand for FREE!!!.

I host giveaways occasionally as well, I usually give a certain set of rules, that would always include, "tagging friends on my page" and "following my page", and they would get a certain amount of my products for free. These two actions alone, can draw hundreds of potential patrons to my brand. I sometimes tell them to "repost my product image" on their page...DING! 😉

Once in a while, I come up with discount offers to, just to synthesize and continually arouse the interest of customers in my products. This works very well too. So you can decide to start with one of these 3 ways of giving.

6. Sponsor beauty events and makeup classes

This also works very well. Although I don't take up all sponsorship offers that come my way but after proper scrutiny and measuring potential effectiveness and impact on my brand, I sponsor a couple of beauty related events, nationally and internationally.

7. Create sponsored ads to promote your products on instagram and facebook. 

I am sure a good number of us have come across posts on our pages from people that we are not following, you get to see "sponsored" on top of these posts, this is a form of advertisement that is provided by facebook for both the facebook and instagram platforms. This is amazing because it is super easy to create an advert and we get to choose who we want to see these advertisements. If you would like more information on how to create a sponsored advert, please send me an email on eedasatelier@gmail.com.
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8. Attend fairs and events (even I am still learning this one)

The power of networking cannot be underestimated. You get to meet new people, competitors, study other brands, pitch your brand and possibly get potential investors. I am really working on getting better on this accept because of its high potential of increasing my market audience. You should too!

9. Make sure your brand's social media page is super active.

Post at least 4-5 times in a day for maximum productivity, ask open ended questions on your posts.This make your customers feel like they have a high stake in your brand and it is important because they actually have a stake in your brand. Without customers, I'm sorry you have no brand. Also engage in other people's posts, let people become familiar with your brand's social media handle and watch your market audience increase!

10. Be innovative

Switch things up in your brand once in a while, it keeps your customers always expectant and involved in your brand!!!

That's it from me on how to promote your brand! Remember, BE ORIGINAL!! and thank me later 😉

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