Friday, 14 July 2017

Introducing EA glitters!!! (Very late post)

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I said I would not slack anymore in updating the blog, so here you go with this new post. Some of us have not been introduced to the latest addition in the Eeda's Atelier family. Be prepared to be wowed!!!!!

Introducing the beautiful EA glitters in all their glory 😍😍😍😍

These gorgeous beauties are named after powerful and inspiring African makeup artists. See the list of makeup artists and their respective names below:

Ngozi was named after the amazing Ngozi Oni of @beautyandthebeholdermakeovers. Her precision and apt makeup application prompted me to name the 3d silver glitter after her.

Jaytee was named after US based Nigerian makeup artist Joke Tijani of @makeupbyjaytee. We all know "Jaytee" loves the color purple, so I decided to name the lilac shade after her (we have a fellow purple lover on our list).

Bebe was named after the fabulous Bebe Omagbemi of @bibyonce. Bebe is the queen of glass glow glam and if she wants to smoke out any look, she smokes it out just right for that night life glam! I decided to name the midnight blue shade after her.

Lami was named after awesome Lamide Ojo of @tintsmakeuppro. Lami was the inventor of the very gorgeous orange ombre lip that trended in Nigeria for a very long time. So I decided to name the orange shade after her.

Banke was named after makeup veteran Banke Meshida-Lawal of @banksbmpro @bmpromakeup. Apart from the fact that she is one of the pioneer makeup artists in Nigeria, her love for soft hues is surreal! So I decided to name the baby pink glitter after her.

Ashabee was named after the delectable Bisola Akintunde of @makeupbyashabee. For those that are not familiar with "Ashabee's" craft, she absolutely loves her bright and vivid colors and she is very expressional with them in her art! So I decided to name the yellow gold glitter after her.

Labisi was named after the awesome Labisi Sijuwade of @facesbylabisi. Apart from the fact that Labisi absolutely loves the color purple (she's the contender with Jaytee on this, she always creates looks that depict royalty and class. It just had to be the purple shade for her.

Eeswat was named after the ever slaying Eeswat of @eeswatmakeovers. You would fall in love with chocolate skin beauties and brides when Eeswat touches their faces. There goes our chocolate shade, which had to be named after her.

Jojo was named after the makeup guru, Joana Banna of @jojostouch. Have you ever come across a precisely slayed red lip? If you have not, you need to get yourself some looks by Jojo. She just had to take the crown for the red shade.

Joy was named after UK based Nigeria makeup veteran, Joy Adenuga of @joyadenuga. Joy's makeup looks depict simplicity, class and sophistication. Hope we know what the color "black" stands for?? It had to be named after her!

Bella is a special color because it is not named after any makeup artist. It was named after my sweet younger sister Isabella. I chose the transparent shade for her because it adds sparkle to any base color it is placed on without changing the color beneath. That's exactly what my sister does to everyone around her, she adds that extra sparkle!!!

Yapha was named after the talented Ennie of @ennieyapha. The pace at which Ennie sprung up and rose to the top chart in the Nigerian makeup industry is amazeballs!!! I can only describe it by saying she is like a tree that is planted by the rivers of Green depicts growth, now you know why our green shade is Yapha.

Mamza was named after the Northern Nigerian veteran Fati Mamza of @mamzabeauty. Mamza would use fuschia pink on a northern belle and you would feel like pink is the best color in the world. I just had to name the fuschia pink color after her. 

PS: Pink also happens to be my best color.

Queen was named after the steady slayer, Shade of @beautybyqueen. We can say that Shade's looks have an aura of royalty that can be attributed to gold. The champagne gold color was just the best fit for her.

Lawre was named after Ghana makeup goddess, Lawrencia Owusu of @lawrebabe_mua. She makes any face come alive with freshness and beauty. Aqua depicts life and refereshment...get it?? Aqua had to be named after her.

Lola was named after the powerful sfx makeup artist Lola Maja of @lolamaja @thebeautyinsiderng. Lola loves pink but we decided to name a unique pink (it has a bit of other colors in it) after her because of her unique skills of artistry. She is a special effects makeup guru.

Dayo was named after UK based awesome makeup artist Rasheeda (or Dayo) of @ots_beauty. Dayo has a perceived love for coral and peachy soft hues which is evident in her artistry. Our coral shade was a perfect match.

Simbi was named after the makeup maven, Simbi of @lbvmakeovers. I chose this color because of the outcome of Simbi's work when you present a Royal Blue outfit to her. She brings Royal blue to life!!! Our royal blue shade was a big YES for her!

Oshewa was named after makeup majesty, Bunmi of @oshewabeauty. I chose the rose gold shade to be named after her because it depicts class and beauty. Bunmi's artistry is simply beautiful.

Bimpe was named after makeup veteran, Bimpe Onakoya of @bimpeonakoya. Bimpe is the Nigerian representative of the Maybelline US brand. She is amazing when it comes to her craft and she brings out the goddess in you. The bronze color was a perfect match!

Did I do a good job with the naming, what are your thoughts??? Comment below in the comment section!

The glitters have been a best seller among all the EA products. People are absolutely in love with them. See some of the glitters used by various awesome makeup artists below. 

This look was created by @ms_leon using EA glitters

This look was created by @lhidiastanley using EA glitters

This look was created by @layefabeauty using EA glitters

This look was created by @paushbeautylounge using EA glitters

This look was created by @lhidiastanley using EA glitters

This look was created by @dimmaumeh using EA glitters 
This look was created by @lhidiastanley using EA glitters

This look was created by @bregha using EA glitters

This look was created by @meg_makeovers using EA glitters

This look was created by @lhidiastanley using EA glitters

This look was created by @beautyfreaksnj using EA glitters

This look was created by @b.e.a.u.t.i.f.i.e.d using EA glitters

Which colors are your favourite, comment below and let me hear your thoughts!

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