Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Learn how to make at least N500,000 extra in a month! (ENTREPRENEURS ONLY)

This is not your typical beauty or makeup related post, this is simply an idea I thought wise to share. I have noticed that people from all works of life (not just makeup lovers) visit my blog, so I decided to discuss a general topic this week, Money Making.

As usual, I was skeptical about sharing this money making idea, not because I don't want to but just because people prefer, the "get rich quick" money making approach as opposed to actually working hard or smart to make money.

However, in the spirit of sharing and for the sake of those that may be genuinely interested in making good "passive" income, I am happy to introduce you to the world of Affiliate Marketing.

Like I have said before, this is not the typical ponzi scheme, or get rich instantly method of making money, it takes hard and smart work, dedication and determination to make money from affiliate marketing.

I actually mentioned that this is for entrepreneurs only because I am interested in people that are actually willing to make some cool cash through hard work and consistency. So not everyone jumps on this offer.

I would put this in simple terms, you should be desperately in need to make money or having an extra source of income (the right way) before you can be successful in the affiliate marketing world.

I know your next question is what exactly is this affiliate marketing thing I am referring to, the answer is easy. Affiliate marketing, just like normal marketing is simply getting paid to advertise other people's products and services, the only difference is that affiliate marketing is done strictly online.

You can see that this is not some kind of pyramid money making system or "make money by getting 2 people to pay a certain amount" system. This is simply getting paid by real and legit companies for advertising their products or services.

A huge number of people in the world as we speak are currently beneficiaries of the affiliate marketing system. You must have heard of the term "Passive income" right? I can bet you that 80% of people that make "passive income" are affiliate marketers.

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Below are a list of companies that have awesome affiliate marketing system:

This is just to name a very few popular ones that we can actually relate to, trust me when I say there are thousands of companies that use the affiliate marketing system. You just need to know how to reach them.

Let me give you a hint on the returns you can get on affiliate marketing, you can make at least N500,000 in a month from affiliate marketing...yes N500k! Believe it or not, that figure is a fact. I started affiliate marketing less than two months ago and I can tell you that it is real! lol...unbelievable but REAL! 

If you follow my blog or know me personally, you would know I am explorer and I love to gain knowledge and information so that I can divulge "legit" stuff. So when I say this is real, then it is totally worth giving a second thought.

Now the interesting part is how do you get started in this type of marketing and what do you need. I would personally say that all you need for starters is your phone/laptop, social media and internet access.

The next step is to get trained! Trust me when I say you would need adequate training on the subject of affiliate marketing to be able to effectively kick off this type of marketing. The company that trained me did an excellent job and they still follow up on my progress till date.

Don't worry, I would give the link to where I did my online training shortly, but I before you can access the training portal, you need to get approved by an affiliate network (this is the network where you get all the offers and promotions you can use to make money).

I have a full blog post on how to get approved by a network HERE (http://www.eedasatelier.com/2017/08/how-to-get-approved-by-affiliate.html). Getting approved is a requirement to get access to the training portal, so it is in your best interest to get approved first. So check out my blog post on how to get approved here.

So if you fall under any of these categories of people (these are the people I actually feel they need this knowledge the most):

  • You have completed your NYSC and you haven't gotten a job
  • You are just tired of being jobless and you don't know how to be an entrepreneurYo
  • Your salary is less than N200k
  • You work for a corporate organisation but you feel violated because of the low pay
  • You are a housewife, nursing mother or stay-home mum or dad that has some time on hands at the moment
  • Or You just need money ASAP!
If you said YES to any of the categories above and you have read my blog post HERE (http://www.eedasatelier.com/2017/08/how-to-get-approved-by-affiliate.htmlto get approval on an affiliate network, then you can click HERE (https://dollarscloud.com/103665to get access to the full training on how to make hundreds of thousands, even millions from affiliate marketing.

Let me tell you a secret! You see the links above are my affiliate links, I make money if you click on them, successfully get approved and start your affiliate training. The best part is, YOU CAN ALSO HAVE YOUR CUSTOM LINKS AND MAKE THIS MONEY TOO. You only need to follow my guidelines, get approved, kick off your affiliate training and you are good to go! Easy as ABC. (This is the tip of the iceberg btw...there are so much more promotions and offers to choose from, all you need to do is START).

I would advice that you do not close this page so that you can always come back to view it and get the training link.

If you clicked the link above, I would like say congratulations and welcome to the world of affiliate marketing! 😊

Don't forget to thank me later (possibly with a nice gucci or zanotti sandals...because you would be able to afford it!) 😏

If you have any questions or need clarity on this post, please feel free to comment below!

With Love,

Eeda's Atelier.